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Geologist, Real Wealth Strategist, Consultant, Natural Resource Investor, Financial Analyst, Geology Professor and Editor are some of the many ways one can describe the pool of knowledge and experience that Matt Badiali prides expertise in.

He has amassed unmatched knowledge, insight, experience and tact to make smart, profitable moves in the mining, energy and agricultural industries for more than two decades through study, research, working on and owning oil rigs, teaching, interaction with industry leaders like himself and careful analysis.

His approach is hands-on and practical which makes him one of the most reliable people is when it comes to smart and safe natural resource investment. Matt argues on that one has to see the investment in person to make sure it is safe because risks are best discovered on the ground. This is the main reason why he has been physically visiting countless oil wells and mines world over, analyzing data, meeting CEOs of energy companies and checking the drilling crew efficiency and effectiveness. Some of the countries he has been able to explore as part of his work include Switzerland, New Guinea, Singapore, Haiti and Turkey among others.

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Before he joined Banyan Hill Publishing as a natural resources expert, Matt Badiali worked as drilling company geologist and an environmental company consultant.

With a B.S in Earth Science from Penn State University and a Masters in Geology from Florida Atlantic University, it is no wonder Matt Badiali is an industry shaker. His work on Banyan Hill Publishing– America’s No. 1 source for Smarter and Safer More Profitable Investing, is helping other investors make the best choices when it comes to natural resource investment.

He has transformed his work into some of the most powerful articles which include, ‘The Way Master Limited Partnerships Can Earn You Huge Dividends’. Here, he talks about the disconnect between the market and a major source of dividend income for investors – Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) and how the best time to invest is while the share prices are at their lowest level on

These are a few reasons why Matt Badiali is an energy industry force of nature.

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The coming together of Micheal Lacey and Jim Larkin was that of professional journalist they worked with the fundamental belief that they would make the country a better place through there action and through the work that they would take up through there media homes known as the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media.This was there the first instance of the long journey towards the fight for human right and the first amendment rights.

They were living in Arizona which being a border state is one of the states with a substantial number of Hispanic immigrants who are either legal or otherwise and it is this case that has seen the community a vulnerable one especially when they are targeted by law enforcement.

The beginning of there encounters with the county sheriff of Maricopa County Joe Arpaio was through there reporting.There had established that the sheriff had become a person who consistently targeted and racially profiled members of this community.

Begin a Hispanic for one reason seemed to be a crime in his county and it seemed to be a law he not only believed in but worked hard to implement.His reach as a law enforcement officer with a leadership position ensured that could make a lot of arbitrary arrests and enforce his policies at will until a court of law would step in to stop him.

The duo of Michael and Jim made these violations a target of there reporting and soon enough his actions were being noticed far and wide and as a consequence, he was receiving a lot of backlash for the same.

This was a reason of why he targeted the two and in the middle of an October night in 2007 he arrested them bundling them in unmarked SUVs before driving them into separate jails.

He proceeded to place charges that had no legal merit and this is what led to a massive public outcry that resulted in there release.This was the beginning of the long journey in the quest for justice for the two.

They sued the county and it took a few years before their case was heard and determined by the ninth circuit court of appeals which ruled that there had been gross violations on their first amendment rights and a such the county would have to settle the case.

The two were awarded a 3.75 million settlement which was all dedicated as the seed money for the beginning of the Frontera fund.

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Michael Lacey


Human rights englobe the rights that should never be considered a privilege given to us by the government. It is our inherent right, it is our entitlement, and we have it from the moment we are born until we leave this world.

For society to work, there must exist a set of rules that everyone should obey, and those rules come with their own benefits of living in said society: The rights that are available to everyone, making everyone equal to the eyes of Democracy.

Along with human rights, comes the civil and migrant rights, as well as freedom of speech. In other countries, these rights are suppressed by their governments, but sadly, even in most democratic countries, leaders who were elected by the people for the very purpose of protecting their human rights, find a way to skirt around the laws and abuse their power and in effect affecting the human, civil, migrant and freedom of speech of their people. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin |

However, for centuries, humans have a long history of defending and fighting for these rights against abusive governments, and this fight continues today with groups and people that advocate for human rights such as Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin’s Frontera Fund.

There are hundreds of groups that have their sole purpose of creation the fight against those who do not respect the fundamental rights of citizens of the U.S. The problem comes when most of these institutions, who were founded without means of profit, end up failing in a few months because they lacked financial aid.

This is the main reason the Frontera Fund is so essential: It has started with more than three million dollars, and it has been funding these organizations since its creation.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund intends to financially support the campaign of groups that fight for human, migrant, and civil rights as well as freedom of speech. The $3.75 million fund was received by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin from fighting these rights themselves. On October 18, 2007, they were illegally arrested for discovering and exposing the existence of grand jury proceedings that intends to collect reporters’ notes that cover Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

They also discovered that there are subpoenas that demand the identities of people that read news concerning Sheriff Joe Arpaio. For these, Lacey and Larkin sued the Maricopa County, and it resulted in the $3.75 million settlement reward money that they aim to fund groups that fight for our most essential rights with.

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Michael Lacey

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It is a known fact that all women have to go through the period of menopause as some period in the life. This period is described as that time in a woman’s life that she does not experience menstrual cycle for an entire year. According to doctors, this condition is very normal and that women should not panic when they start experiencing it. All women have to go through this phase as they age since it brings their reproductive years to an end. According to research, very few women have knowledge regarding this period of life and a lot of studies are needed to educate women as they approach this stage of life. During the menopause period, different women will experience different symptoms with some having severe symptoms. The symptoms experienced at this phase include weight loss or gain, dryness of the vagina and also hot flashes which are very extreme.

A talented and successful doctor, Dr. David Samadi talks in depth about the period of menopause and what women should understand about it. David states that all women should equip themselves with the information of how menopause should be embraced in order for them to avoid panicking. Visiting a professional doctor is the first step that a woman should take when they start experiencing either of the symptoms brought about by menopause. This will assist the physicians in guiding the women through this hard phase of their life. According to Dr. Samadi many women normally start their menopause phase at the ages of 45-54 with the average age being 51.

The experienced doctors goes on to say that a woman may start their menopause stage and not recognize it. He adds that the genetics of a person can play a keen role in determining the age that a woman starts her menopause. A woman will mostly begin this phase just around the same time as did their mother or sisters. Other factors that can result in early onset of menopause is smoking and undergoing chemotherapy. Dr. David Samadi is a very successful celebrity doctors who have a lot of expertise and experience in his line of work. He has a very extensive educational background in the field of medicine. He underwent his studies at London, Belgium and then finally in the United States. The specialty of Samadi lies in treating and diagnosing urological diseases, kidney cancer, bladder and prostate cancer.

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OSI Group is a global meat processing and food company. The company has an international presence. The company operates 60 facilities in more than 17 countries. Owing to their excellent performance in the global food industry, OSI Group has received various environmental and sustainability awards. Achieving success on a global scene is a herculean task that requires professionalism in navigating complex issues like government regulations, tastes and preferences, and management. OSI Group’s ability to deal with all these complexities is credited to the transformative leadership of Sheldon Lavin, the chairman and CEO of the company. Mr. Lavin’s Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy is a testament to his unique leadership skills that has guided OSI to its current leadership position.

Sheldon Lavin has demonstrated unmatched professionalism in the food industry despite of having an earlier career in the finance industry. Lavin handled his transition from finance to the food industry smoothly, allowing him to run OSI Group successfully. While working as a financial consultant, he was required to arrange funding for Otto & Sons, the predecessor company of OSI Group. Otto & Sons was then a hamburger distributor at one of McDonald’s Corporation branch. Later, he became a partner with the two sons after the retirement of their father (Otto), thus intensifying his involvement in meat processing. Later, the two sons retired from the business leaving Lavin in full control of the company, which he renamed to OSI Group. Since then, he has focused on growing and expanding the company’s foot print to new regions around the globe.

In Eastern Asia, OSI Group has a strong presence in Asia where they serve leading retail and food service brands with beef, pork, chicken and eggs. In India, OSI Group operates under Vista Processed Foods serving fast-food outlets and Indian outlets. In addition, OSI Group supplies products to various Middle Eastern countries. In Eastern Europe, the company has opened facilities in Poland and Hungary. The company has been rendering its services to their clients in Finland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Sweden and Baltic States. OSI Group has active operations in Germany and the Philippines. Sheldon Lavin has enhanced the growth of the company through acquisitions. Over the years, the company has acquired Flagship Europe, Baho Food and Hynek Schlachthof GmbH. While talking about his accomplishments, Lavin mentioned that he seeks to inspire the next generation of business leaders to grow their brands in responsible ways. Besides his corporate involvements, Sheldon actively participates in philanthropic activities, including the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

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Bob Reina does not look forward to adopting any animals again. However, he is devoted to giving around $ 1 million to save these animals. The animals already in his custody are too much as they require housekeepers to take care of 11 dogs and cats ( The basset hounds include; bluebell, stormy and Presley. One of the animals Reina was attacked by an alligator and lost a limb. In his custody, there is also Labrador mix that resembles a giraffe.

The animals shares one roof with Reina. The cats rescued goes by the names chance, Madison, mystery and lucky. Reina admits that he has love and compassion for these animals since they are always helpless when they are astray. True to his kindness he has donated $ 250,000 to humane society located in Tampa Bay. In addition to that, he has also given $ 750,000 towards the construction of veterinary clinics. These clinics will provide low-cost medical services to pet owners.

According to the chief executive of bluePearl, Darryl Shaw, Reina has always assisted in the payment of the veterinary bill for pet owners who could not afford. He also stated that Reina has participated in the funding of bluePearl. The compassion for animals by Reina astonishes even Shaw.

Reina once served as a sheriff’s deputy at Hillsborough County. He owns a company called talk fusion which has been very profitable and enabled to give money toward care for animals. His firm offers strategies to other companies how they can survive competitions in the market. Reina established the company in 2007. The pinnacle of talk fusion is to give back to the society. The firm provides support to charities and businesses.

Reina studied at the University of South Florida. He was the best student at the police academy during his graduation. He did not have a smooth life as he also had to take on some jobs as he studied. Reina’s heart was always in marketing and through his hard work and commitment he was able to create his company. Reina is not just a businessman but a guy who loves pets as he usually carries them to work. He has also taken note of online videos and how the trend has improved communications around the world. Reina encourages young entrepreneurs to always to seek advice.



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Securus Technologies has changed the lives of many inmates. This is because of the gadgets they have been providing to the correctional services. The inmates say that managing life in prison is more comfortable than before with devices of Securus Technologies. The cases that used to bother the inmates and their relatives are all settled down.

To begin with, the convicts can keep in touch with their relatives. This is through the communication devices that they have been provided with by Securus Technologies. The families say that this has helped maintain the family’s bond. Securus Company has even introduced video calls; this is supported by the fact that a visit is more fulfilling when the parties can see each other.

These gadgets have served more than one purpose. This is because, through this calls and visits, some missing evidence has come up. Some inmates keep in touch with other convicts who might have been able to get away with the crimes. Such calls and visits may lead to the public being hurt. These may be those people who contributed to them being sent behind bars. The administration says that they commence an investigation as soon as they realize something fishy. This has helped the investigation officers solve some puzzles in cases.

One investigation officer says that he overheard a parent teaching a child on how he would answer questions during questioning. The child had never used any drugs before. He was going to tamper with the investigation by covering for the parent. This was used as an essential piece of evidence. Through this, the parent was convicted.

The Securus Technologies has made a difference in the society. Many crimes have been resolved through their devices. The CIDs say that they may not have been able to complete some cases without their help. The inmates are also happy with the developments. They say that they can finally finish their sentences peacefully.


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Known as a businessman, humanitarian and advisor_Jason Hope has turned his attention to the battle with age-related diseases. He lives in Arizona where he uses his experience and time to support organizations he believes in. One such movement is the battle on diseases caused by the natural process of aging. Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease are some of the few of the conditions that often occur as we age. Hope is determined to discover new ways to overcome aging illnesses.

One organization that Jason Hope supports is the SENZ Foundation. This nonprofit foundation was created in 2009 to find a new way to research illness and aging. The main focus of SENZ is something called Rejuvenation Biotechnology, the use of research and technology to slow damage to our bodies caused by the process of aging.Instead of trying to treat symptoms of Parkinson’s or heart disease, and theSENZ Foundation propose to focus on preparing for the eventuality of these conditions by rejuvenating the effects in our bodies.

Jason Hope donated a half million dollars, in 2009, to the SENZ Foundation, which helped them establish the Cambridge SENZ Lab. This facility is dedicated to research and discover new ideas, in the healthcare realm. Hope says he gave the money because he believes in the approach and techniques used by the SENZ Foundation.

One core program at the SENZ Foundation is the Age Breaker Program. This program supports a therapy that breaks down advanced glycation end product or AGE’s. AGE’s are a by-product of a person’s metabolism that shows up in the loss of elasticity throughout the body.Aubrey de Grey, who is the Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer for SENZ, states that the answer to anti-aging is to heal the damage before more serious diseases set in, and learn more about Jason Hope.

Jason Hope is a staunch supporter of SENZ and its creative new technology in the anti-aging war. Not only does Hope support the Foundation with his money but he also leads their outreach and information on the internet. Jason is experienced with being an internet businessman. He has contributed to many different projects that he feels strongly about. Born in Arizona and brought up in the Temple, Jason received a degree from Arizona State University and then an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. He is known as a philanthropist and gives his support to causes he feels strongly about. He shares his passion for a healthy life for everyone and he hopes such organizations as SNS will be the answer, and

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Cerebral Palsy is often the cause of an illness affecting young children known as periventricular leukomalacia, a situation that often leads to extensive brain damage. Currently, there is no cure for it, but medical researchers are getting help from certain businessmen who’ve had a newfound interest to fund them, including Nabors Industries CEO Anthony Petrello. Petrello has had this particular situation affect him and his family.

Petrello and his wife Cynthia’s young daughter Carena was born with PVL, and Petrello who had up till that point been focused on advancing career, now had a new passion to help his daughter in any way he could. He took her to many of the nation’s most advanced doctors who provided guidance on how to care for her, but explained that no cure existed. But amidst the search, Anthony Petrello met Dan and Jan Duncan who had recently helped start a research center at the Texas Children’s Hospital that was then renamed in their honor. Together with their help, Petrello began a fundraiser to bring in new study technology and contributed $7 million of his own funds to it. His hope is that more people from the Houston business community join this effort and understand how important the work is.

Anthony Petrello at one time landed the title of the nation’s highest paid CEO when Nabors Industries restructured his contract at $68 million a year including his equity and bonus compensation. As CEO of Nabors, he leads the development of oil drilling technology and contracting equipment out to oil companies. Nabors Industries is on record as having the largest drilling fleet both in offshore modular rigs and land-based fleets. Petrello has managed not only developments, but also oversees shareholder relations and the overall direction of the company.

Prior to becoming the CEO and Chairman of Nabors industries, Petrello had a career in law. His roommate at Yale University where he attended first recalls how he was a mathematics genius, and he was even mentored by world-renowned mathematician Serge Lange. But instead of following in the footsteps of his mentor, Petrello became interested in financial numbers which he eventually turned into a legal career and became a lawyer that specialized in corporate law. He was an associate and later partner at Baker & McKenzie in New York in which he helped many billionaire clients in internal audits and overseas investments. In 1991 he left law and joined Nabors as Chief Operating Officer, later becoming CEO upon the passing of former CEO Eugene Isenberg.

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Betsy DeVos is married to Dick DeVos and together they started a Foundation to give out funds in support of various activities in the community. Not only have they given millions of dollars to support the Republicans but they have also given out to causes like education and art. Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation began in 1989. As of 2015, the Foundation had donated over ten million dollars in cash and pledged over three million cumulatively to different organizations. Betsy DeVos is the Education Secretary in the Trump’s government.



Betsy believes in what she stands for and this is why most of their donations are channeled towards educational activities. Four hundred thousand dollars was dished out to Loudspeaker Media to support Campbell Brown start the educational site she had been working on. GREAT Schools, Success Academy Charter Schools, Alliance for School Choice, Foundation for Excellence in Education and The Potter’s House are all education institutions that have benefited a great deal from the philanthropic work of Betsy. Apart from being focused on education, Betsy is also keen on Conservative organizations. Some of the organizations she has handpicked to fund include the Institute for Justice, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, think tanks and the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy. All these organizations stand for justice and promote awareness of conservative viewpoints. It is clearly evident that the giving from Betsy through the Foundation is focused on education. She has given grants to Wake Forest University, University of Michigan’s Food Allergy Center, Davenport University, University of Maryland College Park Foundation, Ferris State University, Calvin College and the School of Missionary Aviation Technology among others. The Foundation is also faith-based and has extended a helping hand to Ada Christian School Society, Grand Rapids Christian School Association and the Rehoboth Christian School Association to support the causes they stand for. The arts industry was not left behind. ArtPrize Grand Rapids, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and Boy Scouts of America have been supported financially by Betsy through the Family Foundation.



Betsy has been a believer in reforms from a very young age. She attended the Calvin College where she was actively involved in the campus politics. She has held different positions in various committees for political activities. She has been in the political field for more than 3 decades. At the Republican Party in Michigan, she was the chairwoman for 6 years. She has held several positions in organizations such as Windquest Group, Amway, and Orlando Magic. In the Family Foundation, she is the chairwoman. She is also actively involved in boards of various companies like Kids Hope USA, the Foundation for Excellence in Education and Mars Hill Bible Church among others.


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