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The main focus for the hit television drama series “Queens of Drama” is girl power, says fans of the show commenting online. In fact, this reality TV show features seven top soap female opera stars that mirror their former daytime roles in this trending serialized program that is now in its second season on the POP network. Queens of Drama stars Crystal Hunt, Lindsay Hartley, Vanessa Marcil, Chrystee Pharris, Hunter Tylo, Donna Mills, Bree Williamson and Renee Elise Goldsberry.

Another aspect of Queens of Drama is linked to these former soap opera daytime stars now presenting a fictionalized version of themselves in various episodes with lively titles such as “Dealing with a Sociopath,” “I Don’t Do Ugly” and “Those Little Devils.”

Queens of Drama trending on TV

According to various media reviews, Queens of Drama is credited with being very funny, absorbing and filled with lots of female soap star “drama” in an enjoyable reality series format that has these talented women creating their own acting projects. For instance, there is a great line in the show when one of the ladies states that she’s been in the business for a long time, but “there’s not enough women creating their own projects… I love this idea.” The show has earned high viewer ratings for its “fresh and unique approach” to real life mirroring the acting life in Hollywood.

Crystal Hunt plays herself in Queens of Drama

The great thing about “Queens of Drama” is it allows co-star Crystal Hunt to continue playing soap opera drama queens in this reality TV series. For instance, Hunt is best known for her award-winning roles playing Lizzie Spaulding on “Guiding Light,” and Stacy Morasco on “One Life to Life.” In fact, Hunt earned a daytime Emmy Award nomination beck in 2005 for “Outstanding Younger Actress” in a drama series for her Guiding Light soap opera role. She is a fan favorite and seems to enjoy acting.

Seasoned actress popular on TV

She has also appeared in various feature films; including Crystal’s break-out role as Lauren in “Magic Mike XXL.” Meanwhile, Hunt continues to entertain legions of TV fans by simply playing herself in this second season of Queens of Drama that fans say is just as “steamy” as her previous roles in daytime soaps.  The role definitely got Crystal some more Facebook fans though.

Overall, the great thing about Hunt’s work in television and film is her ability to “inhabit” her roles as if the scripts were written just for her.  Not to mention Crystal Hunt does the best interviews.

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