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Athleisure is an idea that started with Kate Hudson and Twitter. She is a busy mom who does not have time to waste getting ready every day, but she made clothes that are going to make women look amazing. The clothes are easy to buy, and they are easy to put together when a woman is getting ready. Now girls like Gigi Hadid are looking great in athleisure, and she is pushing athleisure for teen girls who want to wear something simple.
Every girl has her own style, but a lot of girls do not want to spend too much time on their clothes. They do not have the time, and they do not have the chance to put more money into their clothes.

Most of these girls are like Gigi Hadid, and they can wear Fabletics because it is very basic and easy to throw together. Those girls can wear these clothes to athletic events, and then they can throw something over them to walk home. The clothes still look good if they are going out to hang out, and they are going to look good if they run off to class after they are done. This is the very simple and functional thing that girls can wear, and it helps them look good without fussing about it.

There are girls who are watching someone like Gigi Hadid, and then they are going to a brand like Fabletics to make sure they get the best looks possible – as stated on their Instagram handle. There are so many girls who are going to look good in this, and they can throw a hat on it if they are not in the mood to do their hair that day. This is a simple way for teenagers to look their best while they are dealing with classes, boys and all their other activities.


Video marketing company Talk Fusion has released its highly anticipated free video marketing trial on April 12, 2016. The free trail will last for thirty days and give businesses, charities and entrepreneurs the ability to try out Talk Fusion’s services. To sign up for the free trial, no credit card, personal info or addresses are needed. All a person needs to have is an email address and a name.

The firm has spent more than a year in planning its free trial and is a result of many hours of work within the company. Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion Bob Reina, says that the best way for people to see the potential of video marketing and how it can boost their business is by letting people experience it firsthand. “Once they try our product out and see what it can do for their business or organization, we are sure that they will love it and end up ultimately buying our service” says Reina. Products featured in the free trial include video email, video chat, video newsletters, live meetings and sign up forms.

The Man Who Started Talk Fusion, Bob Reina

Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007 when he teamed up with friend and information technology expert Jonathan Chen. The inspiration for creating Talk Fusion came when Bob was looking to purchase a home in North Carolina. Wanting the input of his family, Bob Reina tried to send an email with a video to his family back home in Florida. He was told that it was not possible by AOL.

Not dismayed by this setback, Bob set out to find a way to include videos in email and with the help of Dr. Reina has since expanded to include video chat and live meetings as part of the products offered by his firm. Bob’s firm currently does business in hundreds of countries and is constantly updating it services to continue to provide a superior video marketing tool for its customers.



Kheradpir had been working with the senior executive team at Coriant while serving as Operating Executive to Marlin Equity Partners, and assumes the new position to drive Coriant’s growth as a networking solutions supplier, according to an article at, a news reporting website reporting content focused on fiber optics and optoelectronics.

Kheradpir has “plenty of industry experience, having spent time at GTE and Verizon Communications and spending time as the chief operations and technology officer at Barclays Bank,” stated Ray Le Maistre, the Editor-in-Chief of LightReading, a website reporting news in the communications and caffeine-related beverages sectors.

Kheradpir holds a bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degree from Cornell University. He was named to CIO Magazine’s Hall of Fame in 2007 when he was EVP and CIO at Verizon, winning recognition for iobi, a connectivity suite launched in 2003 that married the Internet with the public telephone network; Verizon’s FiOS (fiber-optic) interactive TV product, voice-over-IP service and the Verizon One phone; deploying instant messaging throughout Verizon in 2001; bringing fiber optics to millions of homes; and many other projects.–20-it-leaders-of-accomplishment.html?page=6

Kheradpir began his career at GTE in 1987, and has held executive positions at Barclay’s and Juniper Networks as well as Verizon. At Barclay’s, Kheradpir transformed retail banking through technological innovation, automation and infrastructure right sizing, expecting to save nearly $4.5 billion in 2015.

This month, Coriant announced a multi-layer network optimization and migration planning service as part of its Light IP™ Solution. The new system will identify potential bottlenecks so delays and inefficiency can be eliminated, simplifying operations. For further information about innovation at Coriant, see

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Oil Production

Venezuela has been weighing how it will alter its oil production for the future, and they have now decided that they will aim to raise their production in the coming year for 2016. The country is trying to manage its finances better, and they are going to handle that with more oil production.
There has been a lot of production change around the world because OPEC nations are trying to stabilize prices according to a report, but Venezuela is going to use oil production to help their economy make more money. There are a lot of ways the country can try to make money, but oil has always been the most reliable for Venezuela. The country will begin to pick up in the summer, and they will continue to see what they can do to keep up with the other OPEC countries who are thinking of managing their economy in a new way.

There are a lot of facilities on the coast, and all of those are going to be online to make sure that the oil will start flowing out. They are planning to go up over two million barrels a day, and they are going to see if that can help them manage their budget better.

Cosmetics Industry

A single glance at the delicate features aflame with bright makeup and framed by rose-pink locks lets you know that Doe Deere is a woman for whom bold and bright color is the ultimate brand statement. So it comes as no surprise that Doe has developed a holistic philosophy of color and cosmetics, one that she insists can work positive changes in the lives of her devoted fans. Express yourself fearlessly, Doe maintains, and let the colors and cosmetics you put on your body be a bold statement of who you are and what you believe.

In a recent interview with Samantha Guarnieri, Doe Deere opened up about the origins and roots of her passion for color and her commitment to self-expression. ( Born in Russia, Doe moved to New York City at the age of seventeen, bringing with her a bright imagination and something of an entrepreneurial spirit. There she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and spent years performing in a band, learning about fashion while expressing herself through music. It was in 2008 that her cosmetics company Lime Crime was born, committed to providing customers with make-up that was completely free of animal testing and that could provide vibrant, bright color as a means to unlocking self-expression.Her insistence on self-expression, however, was apparent from the very beginning: she named her company Lime Crime because, she maintains, her colors were so bright and were so anti-establishment that wearing them could be seen as illegal! It didn’t take long, though for her vision to catch on and, since then, the company has thrived.

As Lime Crime has grown and developed, Doe’s vision of the true value of cosmetics has proven its worth. She’s seen to that, since as CEO she insists upon overseeing every new development her company undertakes. She’s not just a lady on a mission of personal self-expression, however; her mission extends to helping women who are starting their own businesses. Since then, as the Lime Crime brand has grown and expanded, Doe Deere has reached out to other start-ups headed by women. Her message: trust your instinct, trust your gut. Don’t let anybody hold you back by making you feel insignificant. Doe’s role as a mentor has been so powerful, in fact, that Self-Made magazine named her one of its Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs.

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George Soros is a man who has seen world wars and other conflicts rip the world apart on, but he has still made a billion dollars on his own investments. He knows that there is a big narrative in the world today about people pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, but he wants to make sure that people understand how that process works for refugees who are coming out of Syria as a major civil war destroys their country. George Soros spoke to The New York Review of Books, and he talked about what it really means to be a refugee.

The refugees who are coming into Europe are more than willing to work, and they are very happy to have escaped with their lives. The problem for these people on is that they had to leave every single thing behind when they left Syria in the first place. These people have nothing when they make their way into Europe, and they are just going to places where they have followed others.

George Soros is a brilliant investor of Jewish decent whose family was torn apart by the Holocaust, and he did not get where he is today without any help. He had many mentors and people who invested in him while he learned how to invest. George Soros started his own company after he had gotten help, and now he is a billionaire who gives generously all over the world. He is looking at the refugees in Europe remembering his early life, and George Soros does not want Europe to turn away from the people who need help the most.

The best thing that can be done for refugees in Europe is to give them some assistance that will help them get started where they move. The countries that are not willing to pay to help refugees today will probably find that they are paying extra money in the future for more social services. They will not get money back in taxes because they did not help the refugees contribute to society, and the process will have to start over.

George Soros has been talking about the crisis since it began, and he believes that spending some money today to make more money in the future could be a really good idea for the EU. The EU has to make a stand when it comes to how refugees are going to be treated, and they cannot wait to come up with an idea like they did with the debt crisis in Greece or with other problems. There are strong leaders in Europe who can make the change happen, but they have to be bold enough to help refugees who are lucky to even be alive by the time they get to the shores of European countries.

Fundraising, Lawyers

This article is written pertaining to the work of longtime New York City lawyer Ross Martin Abelow. Abelow, a longtime resident in the New York City area has been licensed to practice law in the state of New York since 1990. Abelow completed his law degree at Brooklyn Law School in 1989 and has been practicing law in the New York area since then for over the last twenty plus years. His areas of specialty include matrimonial and family law as well as entertainment law and litigation.

Besides having a passion for law, Abelow has a passion for animals and their well being as well. New York needs more people like Abelow who is willing to go the extra mile and put in more work to help his community in a number of different ways. His passion shows by the fact that he recently started a fundraiser at the beginning of 2016 to benefit the city’s animals in hopes that it will raise enough money to help with the local shelters providing homeless animals a warm place to stay to avoid New York’s extremely cold winter temperatures. It is efforts such as this that go a long way in helping the animal population in the city of New York and inspires more people to get involved in helping animals who are in need.

Besides helping provide shelter for the animals funds will also go towards providing food for the animals, blankets to keep them warm and also medical care for the animals who may be homeless and exposed to harsh winter temperatures. Abelow’s fundraiser is focused on trying to prevent animal deaths by providing adequate shelter, food for those who are starving and medical attention to the homeless animals in the area. The goal is to raise $5000 in an effort to assist these shelters to provide the care these animals are in need of. For those who may be interested in helping this cause, donations can be made at the fundraisers GoFundMe page.

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Good Investment

The United States of America has several private equity investment firms, and one of biggest companies in the department is known as CCMP Capital. The company has been in existence for several years now, having been started by several partners. The company has changed its name several times, but at the moment, it is known by just one name, CCMP Capital.

A long time ago, two families came together and decided to start a company. They decided to name the partnership JP Morgan Partners. The partnership was operated for some years, and it managed to do quite well.

After some years, the partners decided to part ways. Each one of them wanted to go their separate ways and do something else. In the year 2006, the partnership was dissolved, and that way, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was formed. With the right staff and top leadership, the private equity firm did very well, and it has achieved a lot of success.  The institution according to a Bloomberg Business review, has managed to use a lot of cash in its transactions, and according to reliable sources, the company has used over twelve billion dollars since it started its operations years ago.

For a company to experience the amount of success achieved by CCMP Capital, it has to be managed by a serious team of professionals who have enough experience in what they do. The top management must be very serious too with their work, and their work must be the best. CCMP Capital has employed a reliable team of professionals in most of its offices, and this explains why it is managed to do so well.

Many companies change their top positions every now and then to make sure that the work is done, and everything runs smoothly. This is what the institution decided to do in the year 2007. The company made several changes in its top management. Steve Murray, one of the founders of the company, was given the top position of the CEO. Jeff Walker previously held this position, and he was transferred to another position in the company. Greg Brennenmen was appointed to become the new chairperson of the institution.

After working for several years in the company as CEO, StephenMurray passed away at the age of 52 according to the NY Post. Before he died, Steve Murray had left the institution because he was not healthy, and in a short duration, he passed away. The company has mourned him because they have lost an important person who had a lot of contributions to the company. At the moment, Greg has been appointed to become the CEO of the institution.