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In a world filled with meaningless noise, it can be hard to make sure that your voice is heard. Avaaz, meaning “voice” in several Eastern languages, is the perfect global platform where people are banding together in the name of change. Avaaz and its members know that we have to be the change we want to see in the world. Their campaigns are organized through online petitions and media campaigns to try and inform as many people as possible about the global issues currently affecting us. They strongly believe that the more people we have making informed decisions, the better chance we have to create real change in the world. Offline, Avaaz is very active in arranging protests and other events. While the internet is an important platform for reaching people of every nation, Avaaz knows that it means nothing until we take those voices and turn them into action, and

The Avaaz platform for positive environmental and social change has had great success in its campaigns so far. From organizing the world’s largest march on fossil fuels to creating a petition for the internet to be free from corporate control and government censorship signed by almost 3-million people, it is easy to see how they are using all of the resources at their disposal to their advantage, and Avaaz’s Website.

Avaaz prides itself on empowering the people of every nation to stand up and feel confident that someone out there is listening. Without their dedication to the people and to our planet, many voices would go unheard, and learn more about Avaaz.

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George Soros is a well known hedge fund manager. Recently Soros donated $18 billion dollars to the Open Society Foundation. The Open Society foundation was found in 1979 by George Soros. This organization is responsible for supporting people and groups who have suffered from discrimination in any way along with different injustices. This organization is known for supporting democrats through out the years.

Soros named his organization after a famous philosopher who he had admired very much. The philosopher’s name was Karl Popper, and he had published a book named, ” Open Society and Its Enemies”. This book made it clear the everyone should have individual human rights no matter what gender or color they were. This book also argued the importance of having a government that is ruled by the people for the people. Soros felt very inspired by Popper and his book because they had the same strong believes at a time where some people were afraid to speak up for what it right. Open Society received the perfect name because they are true advocates for all of the injustices in the world.

George Soros publicly spoke and said that he was happy to be able to donate to this organization. He is happy to take a stand on different injustices that are going on in the world. Soros understands that he cannot tackle every single problem that’s happening in the world, but he does support people who does, that is why he decided to donate to the Open Society.

Over the years Soros was funding the Open Society, so him giving money to the organization was not a surprise. In the past, the budget for Soros giving was around 800 million dollars. Soros increased the amount of money he gave for this year’s annual giving was 18 billion dollars in all. This donation from Soros made the Open Society one of the largest charities in America.

Soros has always been a very humane, humble, and giving individual. He has also donated 10 million dollars to fight against hate crimes that are committed in the United States. Soros is always willing to give for a good purpose.

Soros is also a democrat. In last year’s election, he was a huge supporter of Hilary Clinton. Soros appreciated the believes of Clinton when it comes to social and gender equality. Soros has donated money to the democratic party in order to support the election over the years.

Soros is a huge advocate for equality and fair justice. He grew up during a time when the Nazi was around. Soros witnessed many hate crimes and different horrible things that took place from the Nazi while they were around. Soros got away from that environment as soon as he could. Unlike most people, he took this experience and tried to make the world a better place doing what he could do.

George Soros has been donating and making efforts to make the world a better place and for people to have equality around the world.

About George Soros :

Business Development, Philanthropist

Eric Lefkofsky’s created a startup called, Tempus, which is apart of Chicago’s main wellbeing specialists. Lefkofsky joined Accuracy Wellbeing in New York that specializes in computerized reasoning and acquiring access to CancerLinQ. This database of treatment has nearly 600,000 patients produced by the American Culture of Clinical Oncology. Tempus is on a mission to handle the issue of social affair data to set up designs that feature quality medications. As it were, it would like to convey Enormous Information to malignancy. Lefkofsky refers to the 10-year organization as “momentous.”

Tempus has collaborated with close to 50 investigate healing centers and has generated $130 million in investments while expanding to a group of 300 since established two years ago. For the past few years, CancerLinQ has acknowledged information from the city of Alexandria’s oncology society and constructed over 100 practices and healing centers with well over 2,000 qualified doctors. Tempus’ collaborating with Exactness Wellbeing was a defeat tactic for several contenders that had their eyes on the 10-year CancerLinQ association bargain. A group at the College of Chicago is additionally assembling a database on disease treatment, and its records with over 10,000 patients are available to specialists.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky began selling carpet while he was attending law school. After getting married to his wife Elizabeth, in 2006 the couple created a charitable trust, known as the Lefkofsky Foundation, with the sole purpose of supporting science and education organizations and causes around the world. The foundation over the years come to be known as focusing on children. To this date, the Lefkofsky Foundation has raised funds for more than 50 organizations. In January 2007, Lefkofsky co-founded and gave in funding $1,000,000 for a new company called, an online collective action website.

Later in 2008, The Point was officially changed to In August 2010, Forbes listed Groupon as one of the fastest growing companies in history. Google decided to make an offer for Groupon for 6 billion dollars. the company turned Googles offer a way for unknown reasons, but it is speculated that the offer was not in the best interest because of scrutiny and anti-trust that the deal could have possibly created for the company, Groupon.