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Bob Reina efforts in creation of a healthy environment for animals

Bob Reina does not look forward to adopting any animals again. However, he is devoted to giving around $ 1 million to save these animals. The animals already in his custody are too much as they require housekeepers to take care of 11 dogs and cats ( The basset hounds include; bluebell, stormy and Presley. One of the animals Reina was attacked by an alligator and lost a limb. In his custody, there is also Labrador mix that resembles a giraffe.

The animals shares one roof with Reina. The cats rescued goes by the names chance, Madison, mystery and lucky. Reina admits that he has love and compassion for these animals since they are always helpless when they are astray. True to his kindness he has donated $ 250,000 to humane society located in Tampa Bay. In addition to that, he has also given $ 750,000 towards the construction of veterinary clinics. These clinics will provide low-cost medical services to pet owners.

According to the chief executive of bluePearl, Darryl Shaw, Reina has always assisted in the payment of the veterinary bill for pet owners who could not afford. He also stated that Reina has participated in the funding of bluePearl. The compassion for animals by Reina astonishes even Shaw.

Reina once served as a sheriff’s deputy at Hillsborough County. He owns a company called talk fusion which has been very profitable and enabled to give money toward care for animals. His firm offers strategies to other companies how they can survive competitions in the market. Reina established the company in 2007. The pinnacle of talk fusion is to give back to the society. The firm provides support to charities and businesses.

Reina studied at the University of South Florida. He was the best student at the police academy during his graduation. He did not have a smooth life as he also had to take on some jobs as he studied. Reina’s heart was always in marketing and through his hard work and commitment he was able to create his company. Reina is not just a businessman but a guy who loves pets as he usually carries them to work. He has also taken note of online videos and how the trend has improved communications around the world. Reina encourages young entrepreneurs to always to seek advice.



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