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Did you know that many of favorite celebrities that you see on the red carpets don’t necessary wake-up looking that way. Well fortunately for us mortal beings this is a plus. These famous people usually has a team of stylists or a personal stylist to beautify their appearance and one of those gifted stylists is known as Chaz Dean. Without being too specific, Chaz Dean has worked with many celebrity clients male and female. Though he’s still rather young in age, Mr. Dean has the experience of an older, wiser individual. Haircare is his passion and once he figured out the way for providing the general public with healthy ingredients, he created the haircare line known today as Wen hair by Chaz.

WEN by Chaz isn’t your average everyday brand and goes about nourishing the hair and scalp. Since you can’t authentically have one over the other, Chaz Dean’ products were designed with both (in-mind). No matter the texture, grade, or length; (WEN) products are universal and works great on any race of people. Unlike other popular brands, WEN by Chaz implements the use of natural ingredients and a lack of chemical additives. The idea is genius and with a large resume of satisfied customers, WEN by Chaz has become one of the top brands on Sephora and in the hair care industry. Wild Cherry Bark, Glycerin, Sweet Almond Mint, Chamomile Extract, Shea Butter, and many more natural ingredients gives you smooth, healthy, strong, and beautiful looking hair.

Chaz Dean rejects the thought of sulfates, dyes, and chemical additives while giving you a healthy method for great haircare. Do you suffer from dry scalp? Does you hair have a lack of moisture? Maybe it’s simply unmanageable? WEN by Chaz is the product for you and it delivers on every promise. Need Wen hair care? Visit to order online.

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Cosmetics Industry

Doe Deere, popularly known as Queen of Unicorns is the founder of the controversial cosmetic company known as Lime Crime. She started the company from scratch, and she worked hard to make the brand successful. She is a role model to many young people who want to make it in life. Recently, the queen of cosmetics was invited to an interview to tell the world how she started her career. Read more:

Doe Deere was born and raised in Russia. When she was seventeen years, she relocated to the United States. Since childhood, the Queen of Unicorns has been ambitious and imaginative. When she was a young girl, her dream was to become a musician. When she settled in New York City, she became a musician.

As a musician in New York, the Lime Crime founder learned several things. She learned how to appreciate people especially when they attended her events.

While working as a musician in New York, the beauty queen met her husband. They performed in a band together, and that’s how they started their relationship. They were both good in writing songs and promoting their music, and they worked together perfectly.

Doe Deere advises young women to work hard and follow their dreams. According to her, every individual has something special. Some have unique skills while other have some quality that is not found anywhere else. When people realize the skills and qualities they have, they tend to blossom and reach their potential.

The beauty queen advises young people to venture and explore the industries they love. In order to make the right decision, the young people must be in touch with themselves and know what they truly need. When growing up, Deere realized that she was different from other people in her thinking, but she chose follow her dreams. Her company, Lime Crime was born from her dreams and ambitions.

In the past, she was mostly gravitated to the unusual and bright colors. However, these colors were not easy to find in the market because everyone was still into the natural look. She always preferred the bright colors, but she couldn’t find them anywhere in her beauty shops. This is what led her to start Lime Crime.

Lime Crime has done very well in the competitive cosmetic industry. Most of the colors women could not find in the market are now available, thanks to this brand. The cosmetics from the company are also very unique, and they are sold everywhere in the market. Doe is very talented in make-up issues. She can play around with different shades of colors and shades.

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Cosmetics Industry

A single glance at the delicate features aflame with bright makeup and framed by rose-pink locks lets you know that Doe Deere is a woman for whom bold and bright color is the ultimate brand statement. So it comes as no surprise that Doe has developed a holistic philosophy of color and cosmetics, one that she insists can work positive changes in the lives of her devoted fans. Express yourself fearlessly, Doe maintains, and let the colors and cosmetics you put on your body be a bold statement of who you are and what you believe.

In a recent interview with Samantha Guarnieri, Doe Deere opened up about the origins and roots of her passion for color and her commitment to self-expression. ( Born in Russia, Doe moved to New York City at the age of seventeen, bringing with her a bright imagination and something of an entrepreneurial spirit. There she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and spent years performing in a band, learning about fashion while expressing herself through music. It was in 2008 that her cosmetics company Lime Crime was born, committed to providing customers with make-up that was completely free of animal testing and that could provide vibrant, bright color as a means to unlocking self-expression.Her insistence on self-expression, however, was apparent from the very beginning: she named her company Lime Crime because, she maintains, her colors were so bright and were so anti-establishment that wearing them could be seen as illegal! It didn’t take long, though for her vision to catch on and, since then, the company has thrived.

As Lime Crime has grown and developed, Doe’s vision of the true value of cosmetics has proven its worth. She’s seen to that, since as CEO she insists upon overseeing every new development her company undertakes. She’s not just a lady on a mission of personal self-expression, however; her mission extends to helping women who are starting their own businesses. Since then, as the Lime Crime brand has grown and expanded, Doe Deere has reached out to other start-ups headed by women. Her message: trust your instinct, trust your gut. Don’t let anybody hold you back by making you feel insignificant. Doe’s role as a mentor has been so powerful, in fact, that Self-Made magazine named her one of its Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs.

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