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Whitney Wolfe brought Bumble App to the woman and man of today. However, Bumble is designed to protect women and give them the power to control their dating lives. The App enables women to make the first move; it also discourages nudity and promotes kindness. Other Apps don’t take any of the three into consideration. Whitney thought of the App after she felt like other Apps were out there to exploit women. Bumble resembles Tinder in a way when it comes to swiping yes or no to find a potential date, but in Bumble only the women start the conversation.

Whitney previously worked with Tinder and was among the founding team. Though, she felt like Tinder was not the right app especially for women. The app encourages meaningless hookups which might be demining to women while the men get praised. Later, Whitney filed a lawsuit after the Tinder founding team tried to remove her from the group. They felt that having a woman on the team will seem like a joke to the users. The suit was settled and Whitney and was compensated for the harassment. Whitney believes Bumble brings women empowerment.

The App has a feature that allows photo verification; the check prevents fake identities from being used. Many people tend to use fake pictures and characters to lure other people into an online relationship. The App also protects it users from vulgar language individuals who tend to be sexist. It has a feature that allows the user to report abusive and aggressive language. Bumble also gives women the chance to manage their dating lives by being able to decide the people they want to date. Bumble has more than 18 million users who appreciate the app because of protection measures put in place. It creates a safe environment for the users, and this is why the app is becoming popular and fruitful.

A new space located in New York is yet to open concerning Bumble. The area will be called The Hive which will provide a conducive environment for dates to meet and enjoy the moment. The step is beyond any other dating app’s ideas. Whitney means to bring dating to whole other level which might even lead to serious and amazing relationships.

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Whitney Wolfe is a successful Businesswomen and Entrepreneur. Currently, Whitney Wolfe is the CEO as well as the Founder of Bumble. In addition, Ms. Wolfe was the original co-founder of Tinder. As many already know, Tinder is a popular dating app used by millions.

Both Tinder and Bumble are at the top of the list as far as popularity is concerned. These two apps are the most widely used and the most popular due to its many unique features as well as its convenient accessibility features. At present, Bumble is said to have over 12 million users and its popularity continues to grow.

Whitney Wolfe has been named one of the most successful women in business under the age of 30 years. This is certainly something that makes Ms. Wolfe very proud. In addition, Forbes has made Whitney Wolfe a popular figure with the many impressive articles written about her accomplishments.

Whitney Wolfe attended Southern Methodist University. Ms. Wolfe decided to major in International Studies. She was always ambitious and while she was still in college Ms. Wolfe started a small but profitable business selling tote bags. Whitney Wolfe decided to create and sell bamboo tote bags because she felt it would ultimately help victims of the BP oil spill.

Before the age of 20, Ms. Wolfe started an organization called the “Help Us Project“. Immediately after graduating from the University, Whitney Wolfe started to travel extensively. She began visiting orphanages in other countries and soon she began working for various orphanages.

Whitney Wolfe eventually accepted a job at Hatch Labs. Hatch Labs seems to have provided a foundation for Ms. Wolfe and her future en devours. Shortly after leaving Hatch Labs Ms. Wolfe developed the dating app Tinder. Within months Wolfe became the VP of Marketing Operations at Tinder.

Whitney Wolfe found much success at Tinder. However, she made the decision to leave the company to investigate other opportunities. In 2014 Whitney Wolfe partnered with Andrew Andreev to create the dating app Bumble. By 2015 Bumble had over 30 million users. It seems Bumble is more geared toward females seeking friends as well as a mate in this difficult world of dating. Bumble quickly became a big success.

In 2016, Whitney Wolfe was named as one of the most important and influential women within the business world by “Business Insiders“.

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