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Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, United States of America, US Health Group is a firm that is dedicated to providing insurance solutions to individuals, families or other companies. US Health Group Inc., using its branches of Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and National Foundation Life Insurance, provides a variety of insurance options.

From Accident and Disability Insurance to Specified Diseases/Sicknesses Insurance and even General Life Insurance. For its outstanding services US Health group has been able to gain popularity across the globe with over 15 million clients securing custom insurance services.

With 50 years experience in the insurance industry, US Health Group provides great products to suit each and everyone’s pockets and specifications. When it comes to Specified Diseases/Sickness Insurance, the firm puts into consideration their clients’ needs. For this it has a broad portfolio that provides array of options to enables their different clients choose the best preferred one. These may differ in terms of reliability, affordability or even flexibility. Learn more about USHealth Group: and

There is even a plan for the clients who operate on a limited budget or have little money left to use on an insurance plan due to their day to day spending. For these people there is a platform that provides first dollar benefits for covered services. Furthermore this group of clients are given good discounts across a good number of insurance plans.

This makes these particular plans more affordable while at the same time offering protection and assurances. All in all, no matter the health insurance plan one chooses, US Health Group helps its clients improve their coverage with a variety of products. The products range from Term Life Insurance to Vision and Dental Plans.

According to Bloomberg, USHealth Group Family Insurance is one of the family companies under the parent firm USHealth Group. It is mainly focused on providing insurance cover plans to clients who would like to insure themselves together with their spouses and children.

This company is endowed with professionals who are skilled in providing covers to families depending on their different needs. These employees make sure that their clients receive one of a kind service and keep coming back for more.

By establishing long-term relationships with its clients, US Health Group has been able to rise above its competitors in a business environment filled with customer turnover. This in turn makes US Group a trusted brand and can be depended on by everyone at any time.

Through offering great customer service, a broad platform, and affordable insurance plans, US Group has become an award winning firm. In fact in 2013, the firm was ranked as one of the best firms in America for customer service by the Top 50 North America Calls Centre. Moreover, US Health Group earned an A rating from the Better Business Bureau for its well established reputation that it works hard every single day to maintain.