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Since 2013, Kate Hudson and Fabletics have changed athleisure wear for women. Offering matched outfits for great prices, Fabletics has changed the way women locate and purchase their athletic wear, as well as, their comfy outfits for lounging around at home. Here’s a look at upcoming changes to the Fabletics line, as told to Marie Claire Magazine.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable date-night dresses, because Marie Claire has developed a line of athleisure wear dresses that are perfect for a day out running errands all the way to a date night with your special someone. Even better, several of the dress options are complete with a built-in bra. Not only will you look fabulous, but you’ll feel fabulous in the comfortable material that is easy to move and dance the night away while wearing. The best part of these dresses is that they are constructed with high-performance materials like the rest of the Fabletic line, meaning that with these dresses, you can say goodbye to Spanx and other restricting undergarments.

Also new to the Fabletics line is swimwear designed to stay put and support you while being active. Gone are the days of being afraid to play beach volleyball or do yoga in the sand. The new swimwear line of Fabletics allows you to look sexy on the beach but still be active and fit without anything slipping or falling out of place. Fabletics wants you to be as healthy and active as you want to be, without worrying about your clothing!

Kate Hudson’s picks have changed athleisure wear for women with their designs, low cost, and a variety of choices. When you sign up for Fabletics, you first take a quiz to develop a profile based on activities, needs, and clothing sizes. Each month you can view your chosen outfits, or browse any of the styles that you like. Don’t need anything this month? No problem! You are able to choose an outfit or skip, so there is no commitment to buy a new outfit every month. There’s also no confusion of what pieces complement each other, because the outfits are already created for you. Fabletics continues to provide women with the clothing they need in order to inspire fitness and healthy choices in their lives. Source:

Fashion News

In a world where everything is so hustle and bustle, exercise can often be placed on the back burner of our daily lives. For some women, work, children, and other daily priorities take precedence over the time that they may be able to set aside to go to the gym. However, once a workout routine is put into place, it doesn’t take very long to get into the mind frame that working out can be something that is beneficial in the long run. Establishing a daily routine that involves both working out and eating healthy is something that can really do wonders for a person both mentally and physically.

Feeling comfortable while working out is an important aspect for many women. Created in 2013, actress Kate Hudson’s new athletic line, Fabletics, was designed to do just that. Its unique and innovative design concept helps to keep work out gear affordable, while at the same time making clothing adaptable and versatile to all active lifestyles. Krazy Coupon Lady’s athletic wear allows for a woman to hit the ground or the gym hard with clothing that is suitable for heavier workouts or clothes that are more in line for those women who are performing lighter and less strenuous day to day activities. Whatever it may be, this clothing option has a little something for everyone. Additionally, Fabletics makes it easy to shop their online store. Consumers are able to shop as they would a regular online site, and make a single purchase or they are able to sign up as a VIP customer and earn benefits as a returning customer. As a VIP customer, they may earn up to 50% of regular price items and are offered ‘skip the month’ benefits if they do not feel like shopping on any given month.

Elle magazine discusses how Adweek can be a hurdle to make a change in a lifestyle routine. However, Hudson wants people to feel inspired and motivated, and have the drive to make a change. In addition to a new line of clothing, this health conscious actress is hoping to inspire individuals through Fabletics website. Here you will find workout videos and recipes to aide in living a better and healthier lifestyle.

Working out is no easy task, but for Kate Hudson, she seems confident that a healthier lifestyle is one of the best routes to take. Source:

Fashion News

Athleisure is an idea that started with Kate Hudson and Twitter. She is a busy mom who does not have time to waste getting ready every day, but she made clothes that are going to make women look amazing. The clothes are easy to buy, and they are easy to put together when a woman is getting ready. Now girls like Gigi Hadid are looking great in athleisure, and she is pushing athleisure for teen girls who want to wear something simple.
Every girl has her own style, but a lot of girls do not want to spend too much time on their clothes. They do not have the time, and they do not have the chance to put more money into their clothes.

Most of these girls are like Gigi Hadid, and they can wear Fabletics because it is very basic and easy to throw together. Those girls can wear these clothes to athletic events, and then they can throw something over them to walk home. The clothes still look good if they are going out to hang out, and they are going to look good if they run off to class after they are done. This is the very simple and functional thing that girls can wear, and it helps them look good without fussing about it.

There are girls who are watching someone like Gigi Hadid, and then they are going to a brand like Fabletics to make sure they get the best looks possible – as stated on their Instagram handle. There are so many girls who are going to look good in this, and they can throw a hat on it if they are not in the mood to do their hair that day. This is a simple way for teenagers to look their best while they are dealing with classes, boys and all their other activities.