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This article is written pertaining to the work of longtime New York City lawyer Ross Martin Abelow. Abelow, a longtime resident in the New York City area has been licensed to practice law in the state of New York since 1990. Abelow completed his law degree at Brooklyn Law School in 1989 and has been practicing law in the New York area since then for over the last twenty plus years. His areas of specialty include matrimonial and family law as well as entertainment law and litigation.

Besides having a passion for law, Abelow has a passion for animals and their well being as well. New York needs more people like Abelow who is willing to go the extra mile and put in more work to help his community in a number of different ways. His passion shows by the fact that he recently started a fundraiser at the beginning of 2016 to benefit the city’s animals in hopes that it will raise enough money to help with the local shelters providing homeless animals a warm place to stay to avoid New York’s extremely cold winter temperatures. It is efforts such as this that go a long way in helping the animal population in the city of New York and inspires more people to get involved in helping animals who are in need.

Besides helping provide shelter for the animals funds will also go towards providing food for the animals, blankets to keep them warm and also medical care for the animals who may be homeless and exposed to harsh winter temperatures. Abelow’s fundraiser is focused on trying to prevent animal deaths by providing adequate shelter, food for those who are starving and medical attention to the homeless animals in the area. The goal is to raise $5000 in an effort to assist these shelters to provide the care these animals are in need of. For those who may be interested in helping this cause, donations can be made at the fundraisers GoFundMe page.

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Fundraising, Lawyers

New York based attorney Ross Abelow has created a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for abandoned and neglected animals in New York City. The campaign aims to raise a total of five thousand dollars for animal shelters in New York City. All of the proceeds from the campaign will be given to animal shelters so that they can continue to care for vulnerable and abandoned pets. The money raised from this GoFundMe campaign is expected to be used not only in covering New York City animal shelter operating costs, and employee pay, but also the purchase of blankets, vaccines, food, medicine and toys. This will help ensure that abandoned and neglected animals have a chance at a happy and healthy life and can be adopted in the future. For more information on Ross Abelow’s GoFundMe campaign for homeless animals in New York City, or if you want to make a donation check out his GoFundMe campaign here.

Ross Abelow studied at the State University Of Albany where he graduated with a bachelors of arts degree in political science. After completing his studies at SUNY Albany, Ross went on to study to law at Brooklyn Law School. He graduated with a juris doctorate degree from Brooklyn Law School, which allowed him to officially apply to take the bar exam in New York State.

Mr. Abelow choose to specialize in matrimonial law. Matrimonial law deals with the issues of marriage, divorce and custody of children. It also involves adoption, child support, child abuse, alimony, visitation rights and surrogacy. Ross Abelow has represented hundreds of families in court and helped countless individuals navigate through the complexities of divorce, child support and alimony settlements.

Ross Abelow later became specialized in commercial litigation and entertainment law. Mr. Abelow has led dozens of lawsuits for clients who’s business deals were wrongly terminated or unfairly infringed upon. Over his tenure as an attorney Ross Abelow has helped numerous business owners receive proper compensation for business transaction that have been infringed upon or wrongly terminated or even denied.
Most recently, Ross Abelow has worked for the law firm Abelow & Cassandro, LLP. He also shares legal insight and expertise online through blogs and social media.