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There are endless lawyers in New York, but one of the lawyers that have made it big in the corporate world in a very short period is Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein is one of the most respected and successful executive compensation lawyers in the United States and has provided legal counsel to numerous companies in the country in the past couple of decades.

After working for several law firms during his initial years, including Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz, Jeremy Goldstein started his law firm named Jeremy Goldstein and Associates LLC.

Jeremy Goldstein is often consulted by many of the top companies on how to go about structuring their business’s executive compensation to keep it contemporary and make it mutually beneficial for the enterprise as well as the employees. In this regard, Jeremy Goldstein wrote an exclusive report on the role of stock options in the corporate world and how the new system of knockout options can help the employees as well as the company.

According to Business.com, Jeremy Goldstein says that stock options are just like gambling and there is no guarantee as the stocks you buy from the company would be able to make you considerable profit in the future or not and whether it would prove to be a worthy investment.

Jeremy Goldstein said that the system of Knockout options does make sense in today’s corporate world as it would ensure that the employees get an opportunity to buy stocks from the company at a discounted price, but there is a limit on how much discount the employees can get while buying from the enterprise.

It would ensure that the employees, as well as the company, are on the positive side, and at least not on the losing ends. Jeremy Goldstein is also considered an expert on mergers and acquisitions and has managed hundreds of mergers and significant corporate transactions in the last few years.

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