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The 11th annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Consumer Service celebrations were held during a gala banquet on February 24th, 2017 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Over 650 executives from around the world were present. USHEALTH Advisors received the Gold Stevie Award in the category of National Sales Team of the Year. The Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service is among seven awards that recognize exemplary performances shown by different companies. The other awards include the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards, the American Business Awards, the German Stevie Awards, the Stevie Awards for Great Employers as well as the Stevie Awards for Women in Business and the International Business Awards. The Sr. vice president in charge of marketing at USHEALTH Advisors, Bill Shelton, picked the award. He said he was thrilled to receive the award on behalf of Troy McQuagge, their CEO, and the entire team at USHEALTH who are committed to enhancing the company’s success.

There was a 10 percent increase in the number of this year’s nominations compared to 2016. In total, 77 professionals participated in selecting the finalists from the 2,300 nominations while over 75 experts from various judging committees around the world determined the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners among the finalists. The 11th edition of Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service recognizes outstanding performance in customer service, business development, sales professionals and contact center in 61 categories. The founder and president of the Stevie Awards, Michael Gallagher, recognized the Sales and Customer Service category as the most competitive and fastest growing program of the Stevie Awards.

About USHEALTH Advisors

USHEALTH Advisors is a health insurance unit of USHEALTH Group, a company that provides affordable, flexible and secure coverage plans for individuals, businesses and families. USHEALTH Advisors offers individual health coverage and supplementary products. USHEALTH Group’s subsidiaries, which are National Foundation Life Insurance Company and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, underwrite these plans. The company operates on a key value of HOPE- Helping Other People Every day, which is highly observed by the management, staff and the independent agents. The company has a talented team of agents that help clients in choosing the appropriate coverage based on their needs and expectations. They incorporate professionalism and innovation to provide clients with world-class services.

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