Entrepreneur, OSI Group

OSI Group is a global meat processing and food company. The company has an international presence. The company operates 60 facilities in more than 17 countries. Owing to their excellent performance in the global food industry, OSI Group has received various environmental and sustainability awards. Achieving success on a global scene is a herculean task that requires professionalism in navigating complex issues like government regulations, tastes and preferences, and management. OSI Group’s ability to deal with all these complexities is credited to the transformative leadership of Sheldon Lavin, the chairman and CEO of the company. Mr. Lavin’s Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy is a testament to his unique leadership skills that has guided OSI to its current leadership position.

Sheldon Lavin has demonstrated unmatched professionalism in the food industry despite of having an earlier career in the finance industry. Lavin handled his transition from finance to the food industry smoothly, allowing him to run OSI Group successfully. While working as a financial consultant, he was required to arrange funding for Otto & Sons, the predecessor company of OSI Group. Otto & Sons was then a hamburger distributor at one of McDonald’s Corporation branch. Later, he became a partner with the two sons after the retirement of their father (Otto), thus intensifying his involvement in meat processing. Later, the two sons retired from the business leaving Lavin in full control of the company, which he renamed to OSI Group. Since then, he has focused on growing and expanding the company’s foot print to new regions around the globe.

In Eastern Asia, OSI Group has a strong presence in Asia where they serve leading retail and food service brands with beef, pork, chicken and eggs. In India, OSI Group operates under Vista Processed Foods serving fast-food outlets and Indian outlets. In addition, OSI Group supplies products to various Middle Eastern countries. In Eastern Europe, the company has opened facilities in Poland and Hungary. The company has been rendering its services to their clients in Finland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Sweden and Baltic States. OSI Group has active operations in Germany and the Philippines. Sheldon Lavin has enhanced the growth of the company through acquisitions. Over the years, the company has acquired Flagship Europe, Baho Food and Hynek Schlachthof GmbH. While talking about his accomplishments, Lavin mentioned that he seeks to inspire the next generation of business leaders to grow their brands in responsible ways. Besides his corporate involvements, Sheldon actively participates in philanthropic activities, including the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

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Entrepreneur, OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of OSI Group, has spent nearly five decades cultivating a career that has seen him rise to the forefront of the meat industry. Mr. Lavin’s successful career began with him dominating a very different industry. Prior to becoming involved in the world of meat services, Mr. Lavin was a successful investor and executive in the banking industry. While he held top positions in the banking industry, he was also the head of his own financial investing firm. It was through his involvement as a successful investor that Mr. Lavin stumbled upon the meat industry.

In 1970, while helping to secure funding for Otto and Son’s that would allow them to build a new meat processing facility, Mr. Lavin was asked by the bank to come aboard with Otto and Son’s due to his experience with the operations of financial investment. In securing funding for Otto and Son’s, the company would be able to become the major supplier for the McDonald’s Corporation. While Mr. Lavin did not choose to become a full member of the team at Otto and Son’s initially, he did agree to stay on as a consultant with Otto and Son’s, and also implemented a caveat that would allow him come aboard as a partner at a later date if he chose to do so. By the middle of the decade, Mr. Lavin had become significantly more involved with the day to day operations at Otto and Son’s, which had, by this time, become OSI Group, and he was again asked to join the company, this time by the heads at McDonald’s Corporation, upon the insistence that it would help to grow the relationship between the two parties. This time, Mr. Lavin agreed to join OSI Group, and by the 1980’s, began overseeing the rapid expansion of the company into the Philippines, China, Australia, Japan, India, and South Africa. Mr. Lavin took it upon himself to grow the company into worldwide powerhouse, which today, currently employs nearly 20,000 people around the world.

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