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It is a known fact that all women have to go through the period of menopause as some period in the life. This period is described as that time in a woman’s life that she does not experience menstrual cycle for an entire year. According to doctors, this condition is very normal and that women should not panic when they start experiencing it. All women have to go through this phase as they age since it brings their reproductive years to an end. According to research, very few women have knowledge regarding this period of life and a lot of studies are needed to educate women as they approach this stage of life. During the menopause period, different women will experience different symptoms with some having severe symptoms. The symptoms experienced at this phase include weight loss or gain, dryness of the vagina and also hot flashes which are very extreme.

A talented and successful doctor, Dr. David Samadi talks in depth about the period of menopause and what women should understand about it. David states that all women should equip themselves with the information of how menopause should be embraced in order for them to avoid panicking. Visiting a professional doctor is the first step that a woman should take when they start experiencing either of the symptoms brought about by menopause. This will assist the physicians in guiding the women through this hard phase of their life. According to Dr. Samadi many women normally start their menopause phase at the ages of 45-54 with the average age being 51.

The experienced doctors goes on to say that a woman may start their menopause stage and not recognize it. He adds that the genetics of a person can play a keen role in determining the age that a woman starts her menopause. A woman will mostly begin this phase just around the same time as did their mother or sisters. Other factors that can result in early onset of menopause is smoking and undergoing chemotherapy. Dr. David Samadi is a very successful celebrity doctors who have a lot of expertise and experience in his line of work. He has a very extensive educational background in the field of medicine. He underwent his studies at London, Belgium and then finally in the United States. The specialty of Samadi lies in treating and diagnosing urological diseases, kidney cancer, bladder and prostate cancer.

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