Sushi Itto’s franchisee Omar Yunes, received the award for the Best Franchisee of the World completion in 2015. During the event held at Florence, Italy, Mr. Omar Yunes was recognized for the role he has played in building his brand. Omar began his franchisee role at age 21, where he focused on Japanese food. Today, he the proud own of thirteen franchise units operating in Veracruz, Mexico City and Puebla. Omar was very delighted when receiving the award, and he said the achievement was as a result of having and effective team of employees. He further added that the award was for the entire team, and he was only representing them as their leader.

This event is usually attended by representative from different countries. The 2015 chapter of BFW had franchisee from 34 nations including Mexico, Portugal, Brazil, Italy, France among others. The selectors analyzed several franchisees’ aspects like influence on the network, staff motivation and training and proposed improvements to the model. Omar Yunes was able to win BFW Mexico edition because of the critical role he played of ensuring the relationship between franchisee and franchising is improved, explained Diego Elizarrarras. Diego was one of the organizers of BFW Mexico.

Sushi Itto’s Chief Executive Officer, Benjamin Cancelmo said they consider the honors as a manifestation of the entire team to providing better services to their customers. For Diego, he believes the award delivers a strong message that the Mexican franchisee can achieve great things on the global platform, forgetting the days when it was considered a regional affair.

How Omar Yunes Made it to the Final

Before the Best Franchisee of the World edition was held in Florence, Italy, Mr. Yunes had already conquered 33 other franchisee from Mexico. After winning the Mexican edition, he got the opportunity to represent the country in Florence where he competed with 33 other representatives. Under his leadership, Sushi Itto has established itself as a top brand in Mexico and abroad. The brand has employed a team of 400 employees who are on the forefront to ensure excellent services are delivered to the customers.


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George Soros is a man who has seen world wars and other conflicts rip the world apart on http://www.biography.com/people/george-soros-20926527, but he has still made a billion dollars on his own investments. He knows that there is a big narrative in the world today about people pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, but he wants to make sure that people understand how that process works for refugees who are coming out of Syria as a major civil war destroys their country. George Soros spoke to The New York Review of Books, and he talked about what it really means to be a refugee.

The refugees who are coming into Europe are more than willing to work, and they are very happy to have escaped with their lives. The problem for these people on http://www.marketwatch.com/story/george-soros-heres-my-plan-to-solve-the-asylum-chaos-2015-09-29 is that they had to leave every single thing behind when they left Syria in the first place. These people have nothing when they make their way into Europe, and they are just going to places where they have followed others.

George Soros is a brilliant investor of Jewish decent whose family was torn apart by the Holocaust, and he did not get where he is today without any help. He had many mentors and people who invested in him while he learned how to invest. George Soros started his own company after he had gotten help, and now he is a billionaire who gives generously all over the world. He is looking at the refugees in Europe remembering his early life, and George Soros does not want Europe to turn away from the people who need help the most.

The best thing that can be done for refugees in Europe is to give them some assistance that will help them get started where they move. The countries that are not willing to pay to help refugees today will probably find that they are paying extra money in the future for more social services. They will not get money back in taxes because they did not help the refugees contribute to society, and the process will have to start over.

George Soros has been talking about the crisis since it began, and he believes that spending some money today to make more money in the future could be a really good idea for the EU. The EU has to make a stand when it comes to how refugees are going to be treated, and they cannot wait to come up with an idea like they did with the debt crisis in Greece or with other problems. There are strong leaders in Europe who can make the change happen, but they have to be bold enough to help refugees who are lucky to even be alive by the time they get to the shores of European countries.