If it weren’t for the long, winding lines of people waiting for hours to get into the sparsely stocked government supermarkets, one might think the South American country of Venezuela had become a ghost town.
The country is running on an empty tank, and according to Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa it’s just a matter of time until the government hits bottom. Plunging oil prices have ruined the country’s economy, especially since Venezuela happens to be one of the world’s largest exporters of oil.

Because of Venezuela’s runaway inflation, few can afford going to McDonald’s, for example Veleasquez Figueroa added. According to striking photos shown at, the fast food industry has taken a big hit, with empty seats and tables on a Sunday afternoon. The high prices of McDonald’s burgers and fries are keeping families far away.

The Bolivarian National Guard, complete with riot shields and truncheons, stand by to police the snaking lines outside the supermarkets as weary and hungry Venezuelan citizens wait for their turn to get inside. Store shelves are sparse, however, unless one wants to stock up on vinegar. That staple is plentiful, or one of the few items the country has available.