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Securus Technologies has changed the lives of many inmates. This is because of the gadgets they have been providing to the correctional services. The inmates say that managing life in prison is more comfortable than before with devices of Securus Technologies. The cases that used to bother the inmates and their relatives are all settled down.

To begin with, the convicts can keep in touch with their relatives. This is through the communication devices that they have been provided with by Securus Technologies. The families say that this has helped maintain the family’s bond. Securus Company has even introduced video calls; this is supported by the fact that a visit is more fulfilling when the parties can see each other.

These gadgets have served more than one purpose. This is because, through this calls and visits, some missing evidence has come up. Some inmates keep in touch with other convicts who might have been able to get away with the crimes. Such calls and visits may lead to the public being hurt. These may be those people who contributed to them being sent behind bars. The administration says that they commence an investigation as soon as they realize something fishy. This has helped the investigation officers solve some puzzles in cases.

One investigation officer says that he overheard a parent teaching a child on how he would answer questions during questioning. The child had never used any drugs before. He was going to tamper with the investigation by covering for the parent. This was used as an essential piece of evidence. Through this, the parent was convicted.

The Securus Technologies has made a difference in the society. Many crimes have been resolved through their devices. The CIDs say that they may not have been able to complete some cases without their help. The inmates are also happy with the developments. They say that they can finally finish their sentences peacefully.


Video Visitation App

My job inside the prison is to make sure everyone from officers, staff, visitors, and inmates, are all safe from harm. When you introduce drugs into any prison, all of these people are now in harm’s way. As a corrections officer, I have to keep the peace inside the jail while performing a number of other duties. That is why it is so important that me and my team utilize as many resources as possible to combat any threats to those inside the jail.


Each day we start out the same way, heading over to the visitor center to search every person that comes into the jail to see an inmate. We closely monitor all interactions between guests and inmates, then check the inmates before they are released back to their cells. During the day, we do several surprise cell inspections too, and recover a wide array of drugs from the inmates. One other thing we do is listen to the inmates on the phone, and today this is a valuable resource that makes this facility that much safer.


When Securus Technologies was installing the call monitoring system in our jail, little did we know how much we would come to rely on this company to help keep us safe. The LBS software does the work of a number of officers, which allows me to designate different officers to other issues rather than listening in on the calls. Once an inmate talks about something, the alert feature allows us to gather that information and take action.


We hear inmates on the phones talking about needing drugs to sell for gang leaders, who is bringing the drugs to the jail, and we even discovered a few hiding spots that we would never have considered had it not been for the Securus Technologies monitoring system.


Video Visitation App

For over two decades of professional experience, Securus Technologies has served the correctional industry in parallel technological solutions. The company has also used its expertise to develop technology solutions for the friends and families to the inmates, the inmates, and correctional facilities. All these entities have relied on the intrinsic technological solutions offered by Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies and its predecessors have offered communication solutions that are designed to fulfill their special needs. In the years to come, Securus Technologies has worked as the strategic capability to develop fast income in the industry. The company has also executed a growth plan through purchasing organizations that offer complementary services and products beyond communication. This action has fortified Securus Technologies in a position that cannot be matched in the industry. Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of criminal justice and civil solutions in technology.


Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based prison technology company for profit. In 1986, the company was founded with its main offices in Texas. The company has also opened major offices in other parts of the country including Atlanta, Texas, Allen, and Carlton. For this reason, it has increased the number of employees to more than 1,000. Since the company was incepted in the United States, it has completed more than 3,000 transactions. For the company, they are now serving more than 2,200 correctional facilities in the country. Its international presence is felt in Canada. The company has also announced that they have invested more than $600 million in acquisitions, patents, and technologies within the past three years.


Since 207, the company has led the world of innovation and technology around the correctional space. They are also recognized as one of the most sophisticated business leaders in the United States and other parts of the world. Securus Technologies is now the best source of technology in the inmate industry.



Video Visitation App

Securus Technologies Company is a leading provider of technology in the inmate facilities in the United States. As a matter of fact, the company has worked to develop high-end capabilities in a manner that is unmatched in the industry. As much as the company wants to create a real name, it also wants itself to remain as the best option when it comes to the achievements is has done in his industry. For this matter, one is meant to think that development is a better management option. Securus Technologies Company is a company that is obsessed with the use of technology to foster investigation as their mi purpose in his world, while it works to foster investigations, it also increases public safety to those who are working to determine their capability management status.


Securus Technologies Company has worked with the Dallas-based Better Business Bureau to get the highest accreditation in the land. Moreover, it worked for the company to achieve am accreditation combined with A+ ratings. When the Better Business Bureau was asked the reason why Securus Technologies Company got these highest ratings, they said that they worked and attained that accreditation as the least they could get. Securus Technologies Company worked to fulfill all the measurement practices used by the Better Business Bureau to receive the highest accreditation in this land. For what the company says and prints through the social and print media, it was determined to become trustworthy ad sustainable. For his reason, the Better Business Bureau was determined to increase better ways of developing high-end capabilities.



According to Dany Hoyos of Securus Technologies Company, he said that Securus Technologies Company had worked hand-in-hand with the Dallas-based Better Business Bureau to achieve the highest accreditation on their accord. For this reason, the company has achieved a better business environment of qualify or this accreditation.




Video Visitation App

 Securus Technologies is dedicated to improving inmate communication experience through regular improvements on their inmate communications systems. Recently, Securus transformed Video visitation to enhance the experience of prisoners and make them feel at home by enabling them to view various events and parties held by their relatives.


In the new video visitation technology, inmates can follow up various family events like a wedding party, a commemoration or even watch a relative performing in a music concert. The technology leaves an inmate with an experience they haven’t witnessed while in incarceration.


The video visitation service can be accessed through computers and mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Depending on the correctional facility, relatives can schedule a video visitation from the comfort of their home thus saving transport budget.


Since its establishment in 1986, Securus Technologies has grown to the biggest civil and criminal service provider in the United Sates. Some of its technological solutions include biometric analysis, inmate self-service and information and communication technologies.


Their products are designed using state of the art technology that complies with all privacy and safety measures required in the criminal and justice industry. The technologies enhance public safety, help in reducing recidivism and contribute to improving the security of jail officers.


To date, Securus Technologies has launched an estimated 800 applications related to inmates communication. In 2015, Securus Technologies appointed John Bell, a sales expert set to bring to the company many years’ operational experience and innovative approaches to their sales.


John Bell has served as sales expert in top companies like IBM, NTT Verio, and Verizon. His appointment came after Securus Technology had launched a strategic plan detailing its roadmap towards expanding its network to include more correctional facilities and agencies in the civil and criminal justice industry.


For more than 30 years, Securus Technologies has been providing technical solutions to more than 3450 criminal justice facilities with more than a million legal detainees benefitting from the company’s services. This makes the company not only a leader in the industry but also a critical player in the rehabilitation process of inmates and a source of critical information that helps with criminal investigations.


Due to their extended period in the industry, Securus Technologies boasts of a professional team that is positioned to design any application that suits the changing needs in correctional facilities. Securus Technologies offers its services to jail facilities in US. It is headquartered in Texas with other offices based in Allen, Atlanta, and Georgia.

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