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CCMP Capital Looses One of Its Longest Serving President, Steve Murray

The United States of America has several private equity investment firms, and one of biggest companies in the department is known as CCMP Capital. The company has been in existence for several years now, having been started by several partners. The company has changed its name several times, but at the moment, it is known by just one name, CCMP Capital.

A long time ago, two families came together and decided to start a company. They decided to name the partnership JP Morgan Partners. The partnership was operated for some years, and it managed to do quite well.

After some years, the partners decided to part ways. Each one of them wanted to go their separate ways and do something else. In the year 2006, the partnership was dissolved, and that way, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was formed. With the right staff and top leadership, the private equity firm did very well, and it has achieved a lot of success.  The institution according to a Bloomberg Business review, has managed to use a lot of cash in its transactions, and according to reliable sources, the company has used over twelve billion dollars since it started its operations years ago.

For a company to experience the amount of success achieved by CCMP Capital, it has to be managed by a serious team of professionals who have enough experience in what they do. The top management must be very serious too with their work, and their work must be the best. CCMP Capital has employed a reliable team of professionals in most of its offices, and this explains why it is managed to do so well.

Many companies change their top positions every now and then to make sure that the work is done, and everything runs smoothly. This is what the institution decided to do in the year 2007. The company made several changes in its top management. Steve Murray, one of the founders of the company, was given the top position of the CEO. Jeff Walker previously held this position, and he was transferred to another position in the company. Greg Brennenmen was appointed to become the new chairperson of the institution.

After working for several years in the company as CEO, StephenMurray passed away at the age of 52 according to the NY Post. Before he died, Steve Murray had left the institution because he was not healthy, and in a short duration, he passed away. The company has mourned him because they have lost an important person who had a lot of contributions to the company. At the moment, Greg has been appointed to become the CEO of the institution.

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    The company has managed to expand since the separation of the partnership, and it has opened several branches in the world. It has its main offices in New York City. I could also make it good for to do what is necessary for them to succeed.

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