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Doe Deere and her Passion for Color

A single glance at the delicate features aflame with bright makeup and framed by rose-pink locks lets you know that Doe Deere is a woman for whom bold and bright color is the ultimate brand statement. So it comes as no surprise that Doe has developed a holistic philosophy of color and cosmetics, one that she insists can work positive changes in the lives of her devoted fans. Express yourself fearlessly, Doe maintains, and let the colors and cosmetics you put on your body be a bold statement of who you are and what you believe.

In a recent interview with Samantha Guarnieri, Doe Deere opened up about the origins and roots of her passion for color and her commitment to self-expression. ( Born in Russia, Doe moved to New York City at the age of seventeen, bringing with her a bright imagination and something of an entrepreneurial spirit. There she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and spent years performing in a band, learning about fashion while expressing herself through music. It was in 2008 that her cosmetics company Lime Crime was born, committed to providing customers with make-up that was completely free of animal testing and that could provide vibrant, bright color as a means to unlocking self-expression.Her insistence on self-expression, however, was apparent from the very beginning: she named her company Lime Crime because, she maintains, her colors were so bright and were so anti-establishment that wearing them could be seen as illegal! It didn’t take long, though for her vision to catch on and, since then, the company has thrived.

As Lime Crime has grown and developed, Doe’s vision of the true value of cosmetics has proven its worth. She’s seen to that, since as CEO she insists upon overseeing every new development her company undertakes. She’s not just a lady on a mission of personal self-expression, however; her mission extends to helping women who are starting their own businesses. Since then, as the Lime Crime brand has grown and expanded, Doe Deere has reached out to other start-ups headed by women. Her message: trust your instinct, trust your gut. Don’t let anybody hold you back by making you feel insignificant. Doe’s role as a mentor has been so powerful, in fact, that Self-Made magazine named her one of its Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs.

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