George Soros One of the Most Generous Philanthropists of All Times

When it comes to philanthropy, the name of George Soros has to be taken. He is one of the most controversial figures in the political landscape of the United States, but it just cannot be denied that he has helped hundreds and thousands of people across the globe live a better life. He is regarded by Forbes as the 29th wealthiest man on the planet and has a total wealth of over $23 Billion. However, recently, George Soros transferred funds of $18 Billion to the charity foundation he founded, Open Society Foundation. George Soros says that he has been lucky to be blessed with the wealth and the resources to help the people in need, and thus, it is his responsibility to do so with utmost sincerity. The amount of $18 billion transferred to Open Society Foundation makes it the second wealthiest charity organization in the world after the Bill Gates Foundation.

George Soros has had an eventful life and starting from Hungarian Holocaust to both the World War I and World War II, he has seen it all in the lifetime. It is what has given him the political insight that is infused with experience and farsightedness. George Soros believes that it is important for the governments from across the globe to come together to help the refugees and other marginalized sections of the society. George Soros did his school in Hungary, where he grew up, but later moved to London when Nazis occupied Hungary. The political connections of his father are what saved his and his family’s life. After moving to London, George Soros joined the London School of Economics. Later on, George Soros moved to New York after completing his studies.

George Soros went after achieving his long-standing dream of making it big in the financial sector after moving to New York. It is why he started the Quantum Fund with $12 million, and which went on to become one of the most popular and reliable funds of all times. His hedge funding company by the name of Soros Fund Management provides financial services to clients from across the globe and has nearly $30 billion in assets under management. It is how George Soros has been able to amass huge wealth over the years. And, it is what has helped him remain so active in his philanthropic efforts. George Soros helps the politicians who are supporting the democratic initiatives and stands against the Republican agenda.

Even when Hillary Clinton lost the election against Donald Trump, George Soros has not given up fighting against the ideology that Donald Trump carries. George Soros has many plans to curb the planning of the current administration in the United States, which George Soros feel would work against the benefit of the nation. George Soros is also the man who has funded different initiatives like Black Lives Matter. George Soros has always stood up for the Hispanic community, Blacks, LGBT community, refugees, immigrants, and others. George Soros and his foundation have also reached and helped extensively the people who are suffering from drug and substance abuse.

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