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Good Reviews About FreedomPop Always Mentions The Free Service


Taking into consideration any FreedomPop review, it may not be fair to determine which one is more beneficial than others because they all tend to have their own information that can be helpful. One review may list more information about the cell phone services, but another review may talk more about the Internet services, which are all great and come from the same company. FreedomPop has chosen to add more and more services over the years to complement the main service that they started with, which is the free cell phone service. The free service still has a place in the company today.


Many who have chosen to connect to the free service from FreedomPop may have their opinions about it, but one cannot complain about the cost because it is free of charge. Although there is a top up fee, this fee can be turned off at any time by the user of the account, which means that they will truly be getting free cell phone service. Another way to make sure that the service stays free is by rationing the data, which is 500 MB. Using texts constantly will easily eat up all the data.


Complete surveys or offers that FreedomPop has available for their customers to gain at least 10 MB of data each time, and even adding family or friends to FreedomPop can get a user extra as well. The longer the friend stays as a FreedomPop customer, the more data the customer will accrue over time. With no limit on how many surveys, offers, or friends a person can add to their account, there is an unlimited amount of data that they can get from FreedomPop. Many don’t have the time to add friends or to complete surveys, so just use Wi-Fi.


Using Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop will only cost five dollars every month and can be used by absolutely anyone. The service can also be used as a cell phone service in itself if the user has a smartphone that will accommodate them making calls, sending texts, and using Internet through Wi-Fi. Other paid services offered by FreedomPop are the unlimited everything plan for $19.99, and the lesser of the two plans, which is a paid plan for $10.99. The paid plan comes with unlimited talk and text messages, but only 500 MB of data will be included with the plan, so consider using Wi-Fi services for more data.,2817,2427635,00.asp

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