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Kate Hudson’s Tips for Fashion Success

The first step to succeeding in anything is coming up with a brilliant idea. That may seem like an easy thing to do, but for many, it’s incredibly difficult. Even if one can come up with an idea, it may not be that easy to bring that idea to life.

For Kate Hudson, she was approached by some people from TechStyle Fashion Group to help launch a new kind of activewear brand. She always wanted to create an inspiration clothing line that could get women up and out of the house. People are more health conscious and fitness-focused these days, and fashion can do a lot to help more people get active.

After realizing how many people wanted fashionable activewear that they could afford, Kate set out to create a company that would satisfy that market. Today, she continues to be as hands on as possible. She’s involved in nearly every aspect of the company, including looking over sales numbers.

While looking over sales numbers seems like a difficult task, it’s nothing compared to understanding the mountains of data Fabletics gets on a regular basis. Fabletics doesn’t just use sales data like many other companies do. They believe in listening to their customers more than sales data, as a way of cutting down on waste.

Even with a surplus of data and finding the right market, Fabletics still would be nothing without Kate’s inspiration. Wanting Fabletics to be every woman’s go-to fashion shop is more than a business plan to Kate Hudson. Kate grew up watching her mother achieve what was believed to be impossible.

That kind of awe-inspiring role model made Kate what she is today. From the deepest part of her heart, Kate believes is living her passion. She’s fearless when it comes to taking risks and achieving goals.

Over the years, Fabletics has earned many positive reviews. One review, in particular, is getting a lot of attention. According to one Fabletics member, Fabletics is actually worth the money spent. Most surprising is the huge selection of styles; everything from simple tops to cut-outs and bold patterns.

If anyone’s interested in seeing what outfits Fabletics would recommend meets their particular tastes, they can take Fabletic’s free lifestyle quiz. Fabletics dares any woman to not find something she absolutely likes on their site.

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