Delicious Pet Food

As a dog owner, I have to say that it can be difficult to choose what’s right for my pet. I love my dog and any old kibble just isn’t going to do. So, going about doing research I found wonderful news that gave me a great deal of enthusiasm. Not even in my wildest dreams did I think that there would be gourmet style food for my dog.

The best part about all of this is that there’s more than one dog food company out there going forward with this trend.

Research is key. I ran into this article and found it enlightening. Looking around I decided on the Beneful brand. What a wonderful brand by Purina, let me tell you. There is just so many products available from Beneful, and as they say, variety is the spice of life.

There’s wet food, there’s dry food, snacks, and there is even dental hygiene products. Dental hygiene, for my dog. The flavors offered by Beneful sound so delicious, I almost want to have some. One offering has salmon, sweet potato, brown rice, and spinach, doesn’t that sound healthy? All of that is in one convenient, resealable container. While the Beneful wet food is delicious, the dry food is not one size fits all. There’s a mix for dogs of all ages and weights. If a dog is licking the bowl clean, does that mean they like what they’re eating? I think so.


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White Shark Media has noted how many people continue using traditional Meta description, methods which at this era are not working for businesses anymore. The firm hence has recommended key things to help in search engine optimization which will contribute to competing against other users of the modern search engine strategies. First, one should understand the importance of keywords by use and how much. For keywords one is required to mention it in the page title, the headline to include a Meta description. In addition, there is a need to mention the keyword, at least, three times in the page content and not going overboard with the term.White Shark Media advises that if one was to review their keyword sentence without feeling that it’s silly, they are good to go. SEO contents require that one conducts a keyword research and finds out what appears if they type in the sentence. There is also an importance in not using numerous words to mean the same thing because they could result in numerous results in the SEO, which at times will not bring the first keywords. To get over such White Shark Media recommends that a person should use tools to find out what comes in the search engine. Google engine is possibly the best tool to use in practice because it brings all automated outputs. SEO are important in boosting business, and they need more precautions to come up with the desired result for a firm.

White Shark Media complaints has overtime being great in ad words campaigns and has helped many upcoming small mid-sized firms boost the success of their businesses and achieve their goals. The firm has been receiving testimonials of how well the small businesses are doing after letting White Shark handle their ad word campaigns. For example top flight taco catering confesses to witnessing good results and good Roi after letting White Shark Media conduct the ad word campaigns. Also, other has confessing increasing conversions to 70% in only a period of six months.

Real estate dealers, taxi driving companies and restraints agree that the campaigns carried out by the White Shark are what their businesses were missing, but now they have managed to boost their sales, customers and calls in a very great way. Many of them have recorded increased profits and doubled sales without having changed their financial budget. Just like its dedication to its esteemed clients White Shark commitment to encouraging reviews have been very helpful for their improvement in ad word campaigns. This is evident by the numerous testimonials from many business managers.

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The Skout application is one of the most popular offerings when it comes to bringing people closer together. It is designed to help individuals find like minded people not only where they are currently located, but really in any corner of the globe. With that being said, the application is more than just an app designed to help people find one another. It is also doing good in the world as well. In fact, the application and the company behind it recently fed 20,000 people in San Francisco and Marin due to an outreach program it conducted through the application.

Skout is based out of San Francisco, so it has a direct connection with the city itself. March 14 us dubbed National Potato Chip Day, so Skout decided it would be the perfect opportunity to raise money and to feed the homeless and the less fortunate on this day with a quality meal. Due to this, the company create an online campaign for its users to send out virtual bags of the chip to other people on the application. For every virtual bag of chips sent, the company would in turn donate a meal wot the San Francisco Marin Food Bank.

The owner and CEO of Skout pointed out that people, especially in the San Francisco area, are facing one of the largest gaps between the money they make and their current expenses. Due to this, more and more people are not finding the necessary income required to pay for the bills and to purchase food for themselves and their family. With this growing number of individuals struggle to make ends meet, every single meal they are able to receive from an outside source truly helps.

This is not the first time Skout did something such as this. Last year, the company partnered with San Francisco Marin Food Bank in order to celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day.

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We hold the power of the universe and during an eclipse our emotions are most likely to be affected so is our fashion styles. The moon carries with it some sophistication according to astrologists which also affect our feeling and thinking something that is imminent with our style of fashion. This season keep the receipts of what you buy because you might just technically realize later after the season that you bought the item from its glittering rather than how good the item will look when on you.  It can come a person’s realization of how colorful the closet will be this season, but also, one has a choice to buy new styles which will mark the eclipse this year.

This month of March is particularly the best to shop for those colorful and romantic clothes one have been dying f or because as a factor of the eclipse one is going to go for the most luring item whether shoes, bags, accessories, and clothes. The month is certainly perfect to shop for spring summer clothing, date night outfits and evening wears because it’s easy to choose the best when under the effect of the eclipse.

JustFab online fashion experts with their office located in Los Angeles have the right design and style for you this lunar eclipse season. They have varieties of clothing, heels, boots, handbags, jewelry and other accessories which are very attractive and appealing to welcome the new season. Fill your closet with the attractive colors from the wide variety that they have by visiting the Just Fab online platform. Just Fab makes all designers perfect for every woman from those in small size to large size all made from a sketch by its team of fashion design expertise. The style you want can be customized and delivered at your doorstep. With Just Fab, one has immediate access to all the outfits they love from head to toe. They have trends of the moment perfect for this lunar season full of glamor.

JustFab, especially in their online platform, have created a VIP chapter membership where with the membership one cab buy clothing of different styles at an affordable cost. The VIP section has privileges like free shipping once you buy items worth $39 and the ability to get customized styles of choice and saving millions from it. The VIP membership requires creating a profile by answering questions in the online platform then updating the profile with a variety of style preferences one has from handbags, shoes, boots, hats, accessories, and clothes.  Follow them on Twitter!

Healthier Dogs

Technology is the tool with which we forge bravely into the future. The innovations that it has brought to many different sectors are undoubtedly the keys to moving ahead and bettering the world. These innovations have also infiltrated the world of dog food. What was once hum drum kibble is now elegant meals that look and smell as good as what pet owners eat.

One factor that has attributed to these new foods is the concern that pet owners have for healthier diets and healthier lives. They naturally want these same aspects for their pets. Dog food manufacturers have caught on to this new facebook trend and are making the foods that pet owners demand.

Beneful has long known the benefits of healthier diets for pets. Their team of experts spend many hours testing different formulas and combinations to come up with the best foods for your dog. Leaner meats help with digestion and in maintaining healthy weights. Fish offers shiny coats and more lucidity longer through the dog’s life.

The benefits of peanut butter and cheese offer healthier, stronger bones and shinier coats. These ingredients are found in their large selection of treats that every dog will love. Overall Beneful is bringing the best choices to the table for your dog. Choosing is the most difficult part of serving Beneful to your dog. The wide variety of choices can sometimes make choosing the perfect food for your dog a hard one.

Other premium dog food makers are catching on to Beneful and what the pet owning sector wants. They want their dog to have the leanest meats and the freshest vegetables. They want foods that will improve mental clarity and the development of energy and muscle. They want their dogs to be as healthy and as strong as they are.

Choices include things like lamb and salmon, beef and chicken. Some foods even require refrigeration and have expiration dates to ensure that the food is fresh and delicious when served to your dog.



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Only people with high principles can maintain extraordinary moral standards without getting themselves compromised by the social rot around them. Doing the right thing is often imbedded into everyone’s body of knowledge. However, very few people conduct their affairs by the book. People who previously upheld high moral value often drop their guard and entangle themselves in shady dealings more so if they are in the financial world.

Helane Morrison has defied common perception that to make it one has to get involved in corruption. From the early stages of her career in journalism and public service, Helane tirelessly worked to eradicate corruption and protect potential victims. The financial world is renowned for its dirty deeds but Helene is playing an important role in exposing crooked stockbrokers. This has made her a significant, influential and powerful figure in compliance for almost three decades. She has no plans to slow down any time soon but hopes to continue exposing shady dealers.

Helane Morrison in Brief

Ms. Morrison is the Managing Director, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at Hall Partners LLC. Above and beyond that, she sits in the company’s Executive Committee. An attorney by profession, Helane practiced law at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski and Rabkin for a decade between 1986 and 1996. She was a senior partner at the firm for 5 years since 1991.

Helane joined Hall Capital Partners in 2007. Prior to that, she had stints at various firms across the US. At one point, she headed the San Francisco office of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Here, she was in charge of administration and represented the commission in all its business, legal and fiscal activities (see more about her time with the SEC here: Besides her day-to-day work, Ms. Morrison sits in the board of the Regional Parks Foundation. She is also part of the Hedge Fund Subcommittee of the American Bar Association. When she is not serving her country, she gives talks about compliance and legal issues affecting venture capitalists and private funds.

Ms. Helane received her journalism degree from Northwestern University and a J.D from the University of California at Berkeley, Law School. While at the institution, she was the Chief Editor of the California Law Review.

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The DeVos family is lining up behind Marco Rubio as a republican presidential candidate. They have given Rubio an endorsement coupled with financial assistance. The decision to back Rubio came after the dropping out of Jeb Bush. They are now doing whatever they can to help Marco Rubio to gain some momentum in the race. They do trust that Rubio will do what he is supposed to do in order to gain an advantage in the race. For one thing, the DeVos family is very involved in Republican politics. 

Dick DeVos is one of the sons of Richard DeVos Sr. He has worked in the Amway Corporation starting in 1974. The company distributes personal care products and health products through various dealers. At some point, Dick left the company to start a new business according to his LinkedIn resume. In the early 90s he began the management of the NBA team, Orlando Magic. He has returned to Amway in 1993 to serve as the President of the company. He was also involved in Amway Corporation’s restructuring (source:

In 2006, DeVos has gotten involved in politics when he ran for Governor of Michigan state as a republican. He ran with the use of his own finances. Dick and his family have personally known the candidate that they are currently backing since 2006 when the candidate Marco Rubio was pushing for the expansion of choice laws for schools. This has resulted in better education for children. 

Dick and Betsy give to education, community initiatives and many more causes through their family foundation. Their philanthropic endeavors are focused mainly in Michigan, but they are dedicated to improving education across America.

Betsy shares her approach for creating more quality educational opportunities for children in Detroit.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

On TV Now

The main focus for the hit television drama series “Queens of Drama” is girl power, says fans of the show commenting online. In fact, this reality TV show features seven top soap female opera stars that mirror their former daytime roles in this trending serialized program that is now in its second season on the POP network. Queens of Drama stars Crystal Hunt, Lindsay Hartley, Vanessa Marcil, Chrystee Pharris, Hunter Tylo, Donna Mills, Bree Williamson and Renee Elise Goldsberry.

Another aspect of Queens of Drama is linked to these former soap opera daytime stars now presenting a fictionalized version of themselves in various episodes with lively titles such as “Dealing with a Sociopath,” “I Don’t Do Ugly” and “Those Little Devils.”

Queens of Drama trending on TV

According to various media reviews, Queens of Drama is credited with being very funny, absorbing and filled with lots of female soap star “drama” in an enjoyable reality series format that has these talented women creating their own acting projects. For instance, there is a great line in the show when one of the ladies states that she’s been in the business for a long time, but “there’s not enough women creating their own projects… I love this idea.” The show has earned high viewer ratings for its “fresh and unique approach” to real life mirroring the acting life in Hollywood.

Crystal Hunt plays herself in Queens of Drama

The great thing about “Queens of Drama” is it allows co-star Crystal Hunt to continue playing soap opera drama queens in this reality TV series. For instance, Hunt is best known for her award-winning roles playing Lizzie Spaulding on “Guiding Light,” and Stacy Morasco on “One Life to Life.” In fact, Hunt earned a daytime Emmy Award nomination beck in 2005 for “Outstanding Younger Actress” in a drama series for her Guiding Light soap opera role. She is a fan favorite and seems to enjoy acting.

Seasoned actress popular on TV

She has also appeared in various feature films; including Crystal’s break-out role as Lauren in “Magic Mike XXL.” Meanwhile, Hunt continues to entertain legions of TV fans by simply playing herself in this second season of Queens of Drama that fans say is just as “steamy” as her previous roles in daytime soaps.  The role definitely got Crystal some more Facebook fans though.

Overall, the great thing about Hunt’s work in television and film is her ability to “inhabit” her roles as if the scripts were written just for her.  Not to mention Crystal Hunt does the best interviews.

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New York based attorney Ross Abelow has created a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for abandoned and neglected animals in New York City. The campaign aims to raise a total of five thousand dollars for animal shelters in New York City. All of the proceeds from the campaign will be given to animal shelters so that they can continue to care for vulnerable and abandoned pets. The money raised from this GoFundMe campaign is expected to be used not only in covering New York City animal shelter operating costs, and employee pay, but also the purchase of blankets, vaccines, food, medicine and toys. This will help ensure that abandoned and neglected animals have a chance at a happy and healthy life and can be adopted in the future. For more information on Ross Abelow’s GoFundMe campaign for homeless animals in New York City, or if you want to make a donation check out his GoFundMe campaign here.

Ross Abelow studied at the State University Of Albany where he graduated with a bachelors of arts degree in political science. After completing his studies at SUNY Albany, Ross went on to study to law at Brooklyn Law School. He graduated with a juris doctorate degree from Brooklyn Law School, which allowed him to officially apply to take the bar exam in New York State.

Mr. Abelow choose to specialize in matrimonial law. Matrimonial law deals with the issues of marriage, divorce and custody of children. It also involves adoption, child support, child abuse, alimony, visitation rights and surrogacy. Ross Abelow has represented hundreds of families in court and helped countless individuals navigate through the complexities of divorce, child support and alimony settlements.

Ross Abelow later became specialized in commercial litigation and entertainment law. Mr. Abelow has led dozens of lawsuits for clients who’s business deals were wrongly terminated or unfairly infringed upon. Over his tenure as an attorney Ross Abelow has helped numerous business owners receive proper compensation for business transaction that have been infringed upon or wrongly terminated or even denied.
Most recently, Ross Abelow has worked for the law firm Abelow & Cassandro, LLP. He also shares legal insight and expertise online through blogs and social media.

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With the rise of the business industry and the fact that it is becoming more and more competitive to find a job, Ricardo Guimarães recommends that people use LinkedIn to their advantage. LinkedIn is a social media site that is very much like the other sites you use, but it is geared more towards working professionals looking to land a better or more lasting job. The site is currently being used by millions and it is quick, easy and free for you to make an account on the site yourself when you feel it is time to begin using it to your advantage.

One of the great things about the site is that it has recently been endorsed by Ricardo Guimarães. Ricardo Guimarães is a leader in the Brazilian business market and is one of the owners of the BMG firm. BMG is one of the largest banks in Brazil with millions of people using its services each and every day. Because of the success of Ricardo Guimarães and the fact that he has the skills and knowledge behind him when it comes to being a success in the business world, it is very important to listen to him when he begins to give tips and advice to those looking to expand their careers in the same industry.

Ricardo Guimarães has recently talked about the importance of LinkedIn and the fact that it can help to better a person’s career and allow them to find and land a job that is right for them. The best thing for you to do is to make your own LinkedIn account and for you to find what is right and best for you. The best thing for you to do is to look into working with LinkedIn in order to get what you need and know that you have a social media site that is worth using all the time.

Between being recommended by Ricardo Guimarães and the fact that it has millions of users currently, it is no surprise that a lot of people are looking to use the site to their own advantage. The first step for you is to create an account and to make sure that you have it available to you at all times. You will then want to think about working with the experts so that they can find you on the site and choose to hire you if this is something they feel will benefit their own companies.

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