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To say that Jay Z has built an empire with Roc Nation over the past decade would be an understatement. To ignore the effect of his ten year contract, worth $150 million, with Live Nation would be negligent. Jay Z has spent the past ten years, fueled by the 360 Deal he signed with Live Nation, in order to cement himself as one of the world’s foremost self made moguls. Of course, a high profile marriage with Beyonce doesn’t hurt anything either. Now, Jay Z and his team of executives, including Desiree Perez, are pondering the future in the wake of the expiration of their deal with Live Nation.

The musical industry has changed over the past decade in a few ways that nobody could have predicted. For starters, there has been a real movement away from the value of recorded music. Live Nation understands this and it appears to be a huge sticking point between Desiree Perez/Jay Z and the Live Nation team. Live Nation, according to an insider, “Is not in the business of buying recorded music any more.” This is obviously an issue but it might not be a deal breaker, at least not unless Jay Z and Desiree Perez find a better offer.

Speaking of better offers, Desiree Perez and Jay Z had a quick sit down lunch with the chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group this past summer. Sir Lucian Grainge hosted Perez and Jay Z for a lunch and it can only be assumed that they talked business with the upcoming deal falling through at Live Nation. Perez, who has been working with Jay Z for decades, would only be included in this meeting if something momentous was being discussed. Now the world has to wait in order to see the outcome.

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Brazil’s legal practice is based on statutes. Today, Brazil boasts of its many codified statutes. The current Federal Constitution in Brazil was created in 1988. It’s the supreme law of the country and has been amended many times. Other legal documents include civil code, commercial code, and national tributary code. Brazil is a litigious country with rigid and sophisticated legal environmental. As such, you need a highly skilled and experienced lawyer to file your lawsuit in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto together with his partner, Paulo Guilherme de Mendonca, Lopes, and Tiago Mackey would sometimes go against the public civic action.

The Milk, Tosto, and Barros were announced the winner of International Law Office (ILO) Client Choice in 2013. The award goes to the most outstanding law firms in Brazil. It helps lawyers to improve their ability to add real value to their client’s businesses.

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho ranks among the most influential lawyers in the Brazilian legal practice. In fact, Ricardo Tosto won several high-profile cases that earned him national recognition. He has over 26 years of experience as a partner of the Milk, Tosto and Barros Advocates Associates. Ricardo holds a degree in Business Administration from Armano Alvares Penteado Foundation. Besides, he has a Bachelor of Law at Mackenzie Presbyterian University. Ricardo Carvalho represented large corporations in Brazil, multinational groups as well as pro bono for non-governmental organizations. While Ricardo Tosto has experienced high stress and tension in defense of his clients, he still maintains a place of honor for the litigation of his office.

Ricardo Carvalho initiated the creation of economic laws in Brazil and pioneered the adoption of several legal mechanisms that were transformed into tools of everyday use. He would train the associates of Milk, Tosto, and Barros once they join the firm. Ricardo currently oversees the company’s operations and formulates legal strategies. For more info: click here.

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The first step to succeeding in anything is coming up with a brilliant idea. That may seem like an easy thing to do, but for many, it’s incredibly difficult. Even if one can come up with an idea, it may not be that easy to bring that idea to life.

For Kate Hudson, she was approached by some people from TechStyle Fashion Group to help launch a new kind of activewear brand. She always wanted to create an inspiration clothing line that could get women up and out of the house. People are more health conscious and fitness-focused these days, and fashion can do a lot to help more people get active.

After realizing how many people wanted fashionable activewear that they could afford, Kate set out to create a company that would satisfy that market. Today, she continues to be as hands on as possible. She’s involved in nearly every aspect of the company, including looking over sales numbers.

While looking over sales numbers seems like a difficult task, it’s nothing compared to understanding the mountains of data Fabletics gets on a regular basis. Fabletics doesn’t just use sales data like many other companies do. They believe in listening to their customers more than sales data, as a way of cutting down on waste.

Even with a surplus of data and finding the right market, Fabletics still would be nothing without Kate’s inspiration. Wanting Fabletics to be every woman’s go-to fashion shop is more than a business plan to Kate Hudson. Kate grew up watching her mother achieve what was believed to be impossible.

That kind of awe-inspiring role model made Kate what she is today. From the deepest part of her heart, Kate believes is living her passion. She’s fearless when it comes to taking risks and achieving goals.

Over the years, Fabletics has earned many positive reviews. One review, in particular, is getting a lot of attention. According to one Fabletics member, Fabletics is actually worth the money spent. Most surprising is the huge selection of styles; everything from simple tops to cut-outs and bold patterns.

If anyone’s interested in seeing what outfits Fabletics would recommend meets their particular tastes, they can take Fabletic’s free lifestyle quiz. Fabletics dares any woman to not find something she absolutely likes on their site.

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Eric Lefkofsky is a professional businessman and philanthropist who co-founded a company by the name of Tempus. He is also currently the CEO of Tempus that focuses on creating advanced technology that has built an operating system to help battle cancer. He is also a partner and founder of an investing company called Lightbank. Lightbank is a venture fund that focuses its efforts investing in disruptive technologies. Aside from all of his business ventures, he also has a hand as the Chairman and co-founder of Groupon. Groupon is a global e-commerce marketplace that offers thousands of discounted deals. He started Uptake Technologies which is a predictive analytics platform in relation to the world’s largest industries like Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics and InnerWorkings. He has been involved in many start up businesses along with many successful endeavors and continues to build his companies to a successful status.

Eric Lefkofsky has also been involved in many foundations and organizations. He started the Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006 with his wife, Liz. The private foundation focuses on advanced high-impact movements that are made to enhance the lives within each community. Together they have had the opportunity to enhance the quality within the lives of people all over the world. Lefkofsky also serves as a Trustee of Luri Children’s Hospital in Chicago. He takes a positive and avid approach to the business of the hospital and is dedicated to the overall growth and structure of the business. He also is part of The Art Institute of Chicago and The Museum of Science along with the World Business Chicago. Lefkofsky is also involved in the Steppenwolf Theatre Company where he serves as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Aside from his philanthrhopic businesses and ventures, he works as a professor at the University of Chicago. He is also the author of a book called Accelerated Disruption. He received his education from the University of Michigan where he obtained his bachelor’s degree. He went on to achieve his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Michigan Law School. His years of experience in a wide variety of industries has painted Lefkofsky as a very successful businessman and contact him.

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Banking in the 21st century couldn’t be any easier. The majority of financial products and services can be obtained right from your computer or smartphone. The convenience of contemporary banking has played a key role in the industry. Though individuals can go to a physical location to handle business matters, most people simply use their fingertips to do the talking. NexBank Capital is one example of how modern day banking is achieved. Though being a regional financial center, NexBank has grown dramatically over the years. It hosts a number of valuable services such as online banking, mobile banking, public funds, treasury management, mortgage support, warehouse lending, credit services and many more.

This regional bank has been around for 100 years. As of today, it’s bringing in billions of dollars in total assets. NexBank offers some of the best tailored banking solutions for its clients and customers. Whatever an individual or company’s needs may be, this institution can surely handle it. For those who are looking to grow their money, NexBank has a talented team of professionals to help people achieve their goals. Benefits of service includes:

  • Financial Expertise
  • Ability To Analyze Your Situation
  • Development Strategies
  • Manage Cash Flow
  • And many more

NexBank Cpital reported to having $381 million in assets for 2016. Its return on average equity was at 37.6 percent. None of this is happening by chance as this financial center has top of the line leadership, which starts with President John Holt. Holt is also the current CEO of NexBank, and he has done a fantastic job with organic growth.

Chief Operating Officer Matt Siekilski stated that “the bank is in a continuous state of growth. Unlike other banking centers, NexBank has a team approach. With such strong capital levels and earning, Kroll Bond Rating Agency upgraded the bank’s ratings. All in all, NexBank Capital is setting new trends while pushing the bar higher.

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Sheldon Lavin, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of OSI Group, has spent nearly five decades cultivating a career that has seen him rise to the forefront of the meat industry. Mr. Lavin’s successful career began with him dominating a very different industry. Prior to becoming involved in the world of meat services, Mr. Lavin was a successful investor and executive in the banking industry. While he held top positions in the banking industry, he was also the head of his own financial investing firm. It was through his involvement as a successful investor that Mr. Lavin stumbled upon the meat industry.

In 1970, while helping to secure funding for Otto and Son’s that would allow them to build a new meat processing facility, Mr. Lavin was asked by the bank to come aboard with Otto and Son’s due to his experience with the operations of financial investment. In securing funding for Otto and Son’s, the company would be able to become the major supplier for the McDonald’s Corporation. While Mr. Lavin did not choose to become a full member of the team at Otto and Son’s initially, he did agree to stay on as a consultant with Otto and Son’s, and also implemented a caveat that would allow him come aboard as a partner at a later date if he chose to do so. By the middle of the decade, Mr. Lavin had become significantly more involved with the day to day operations at Otto and Son’s, which had, by this time, become OSI Group, and he was again asked to join the company, this time by the heads at McDonald’s Corporation, upon the insistence that it would help to grow the relationship between the two parties. This time, Mr. Lavin agreed to join OSI Group, and by the 1980’s, began overseeing the rapid expansion of the company into the Philippines, China, Australia, Japan, India, and South Africa. Mr. Lavin took it upon himself to grow the company into worldwide powerhouse, which today, currently employs nearly 20,000 people around the world.

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Our world is surely diverse, whereas people are of different social economic classes, gender, race, religious beliefs among many more differences. It is these differences that could bring about division as one cluster of people do not understand the other cluster that is different from them.

These differences could at instances bring about the lack of tolerance, hate and even denial of rights as one group decides that the other does not belong. It is therefore fascinating to note that there are groups and organizations that have dedicated themselves to advocating for rights of others. The basic rights that are mostly protected are human rights, civil rights as well as migrant rights. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

There are great organizations that are prepared to fight for these great courses, such as the Border Angels which is also known as ‘Angeles de Frontera’. This organization is based in San-Diego and is a non-profit, charitable outfit that has the best interests of those people who are underprivileged in the society.

It mainly deals with the rights of migrants, the reforms of immigration laws and also the protection and prevention of immigrants dying along the border.

Fortunately, there are organizations that are dedicated to fund anyone who is dedicated to fighting for the civil, human as well as migrant rights of the underprivileged in the society. Each and every person surely deserves their rights, regardless of their status in the society and as such should be protected at all costs.

It is these passionate groups that focus on fighting for people’s rights that keeps the sanity in this world and ensures cohesion among people of varied differences. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is respected for its unwavering role towards supporting various groups that protect human, migrant as well as civil rights. This great Fund also supports groups that advocate for the freedoms of speech, civic participation and the general sanity of every human being.

This great Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was founded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin who were journalists. They had previously founded an alternative weekly newspaper known as the village voice media in Phoenix, Arizona. Lacey and Larking would later be arrested by Maricopa sheriff Arpaio for violating secrecy laws of the grand jury.

This case against them was later dropped by Andrew Thomas the county attorney, having been quite a legal battle for them. Later on, Lacey and Larkin went to court to sue Arpaio, Thomas as well as Dennis Wilenchik for what they termed as the violation of their First Amendment Rights. It was later ruled by the courts that they were not supposed to be arrested as Wilenchik had not actually consulted with the grand jury.

It was after this that Lacey and Larkin received a hefty settlement of $3.75 million which they used to setup the Frontera Fund. Initially, the Frontera Fund was aimed as assisting solely the Hispanic community based in Phoenix. However, much of these funds were also used to support other groups in Arizona that advocated for migrant rights, civil rights as well as human rights.

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George Soros groomed his entire nuclear family to be philanthropists. More than just that, he groomed them to be liberal and to advance liberal causes. He is a liberal billionaire from not just a humble background, but a dangerous beginning as well. He is strategic in his giving and is considered to be more generous than the richest man on earth, Bill Gates. According to the Forbes Magazine, that is because he has given 12 billion dollars, close to half of his net worth, to charity over his lifetime.Soros was born in Hungary during the Nazi occupation. He is Jewish and therefore, at birth, he became a target, just like all of his kin were.

Keen on surviving, his family lay low and faked identity documents that concealed their Jewish heritage. He later came across the Open Society Theory of Australian Karl Popper in London where he had gone to study Economics at the London School of Economics. He related with the philosophy of Popper because he had experienced and endured first-hand identity persecution.As a liberal self-made billionaire, the high-risk currency trader has helped many people. He has left a mark on almost the entire globe, even without having left. Among the many great fetes the phenomenal investor and philanthropist has achieved, he;

  • ‘Broke the British Bank’ by buying 10 billion dollars’ worth of British Pounds and selling the money back at a one billion dollars profit in one day
  • Emancipating the people of Sarajevo by giving them aid for the three years they were under siege
  • Opening up Eastern Europe and other former Soviet territories to free thought by establishing universities and donating thought-liberating books
  • Establishing the Open Society Foundations, a network he wants to continue operating in perpetuity after his death

George the Democrat

George Soros is an avid subscriber of the left-wing Democratic Party’s ideologies. His influence at the party is so big that hopeful presidential candidates always yearn to receive his support. Some even implore him to stand by them. He has been known to fund politicians seeking various elective posts up to the legal limit provided. He gave 25 million dollars in support of Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid. During the re-election of former President Bush, he was so much against the Republican that he publicly stated that the United States suffered terrorist attacks because of the President’s abrasive demeanor. He went on to donate overwhelming amounts of money to the Democratic Party presidential candidate then and other lobby groups that were protesting against his reelection. Recently, he has become equally as vocal and invested in national politics at that time. His political comeback has been motivated by Donald Trump’s presidential bid and consequent victory in the bid. Soros is opposed to the Trump administration because of its anti-liberal approach to immigration and foreign policy.


Mathew Autterson pursued his early education at Brother Rice high school after which he joined the Michigan State University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance in the year 1980. He also pursued a degree in Tax System at the University of Denver. He has worked for more than 25 years in the finance sector one of his achievements being holding the position of President at Integrated Resources Inc.

Mathew Autterson got his first job at First Trust Corporation which is a subordinate of Fiserv. He later joined Colorado State Chartered in 1982. Colorado State Chartered is a subordinate of a financial services company in the New York City called Integrated Resources. He was appointed President of the Resource Trust Company in 1989.

In May 2001, Fiserv from AIG purchased the Resource Trust Company. Before the purchase, Resource Trust Company was among the best state Chartered FDIC-Insured Trust Companies in the country with over 200 000 clients to whom both depository and custodial services were offered. The company also had over 15 000 financial advisors who were certified and independent. It had also employed more than 700 employees and had over 20 billion US dollars in custodial assets and more than 1 billion US dollars in deposit.

Apparently, MR. Mathews Autterson is a member of the Falsi Adoptive Biosystems (FAB) Board of Directors. This is a no profit organization that helps people who suffer from classic Lesch-Nyhan disease i.e. people with neoromotor disabilities by increasing their capabilities to control and interact with their environment. FAB achieves its objectives by working closely with the best medical centers and experts in engineering in transitioning original technologies into adaptive and rehabilitation systems. It has also developed an auto racing platform i.e. the Falsi Adoptive Motorsports Program which it uses in inspiring the disabled.

Mathew has been on various Boards at the Denvor Zoological Foundation, Webb-Warring Foundation, the Denvor Zoo and the Denvor Hospice (Board Chairman). He also participated in Young Presidents Organization and the World Presidents Organization as a member. Falsi Adoptive Biosystems thus presents his current interest in philanthropy.

Currently, Mr. Mathew Autterson is the Chief Executive Officer, President and Board Member of CNS Bioscience Inc. The company was established in 2013 by Scott, M.D. It focuses on development of drugs for neuropathic pain and its drugs are currently at the clinical test.

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Whitney Wolfe brought Bumble App to the woman and man of today. However, Bumble is designed to protect women and give them the power to control their dating lives. The App enables women to make the first move; it also discourages nudity and promotes kindness. Other Apps don’t take any of the three into consideration. Whitney thought of the App after she felt like other Apps were out there to exploit women. Bumble resembles Tinder in a way when it comes to swiping yes or no to find a potential date, but in Bumble only the women start the conversation.

Whitney previously worked with Tinder and was among the founding team. Though, she felt like Tinder was not the right app especially for women. The app encourages meaningless hookups which might be demining to women while the men get praised. Later, Whitney filed a lawsuit after the Tinder founding team tried to remove her from the group. They felt that having a woman on the team will seem like a joke to the users. The suit was settled and Whitney and was compensated for the harassment. Whitney believes Bumble brings women empowerment.

The App has a feature that allows photo verification; the check prevents fake identities from being used. Many people tend to use fake pictures and characters to lure other people into an online relationship. The App also protects it users from vulgar language individuals who tend to be sexist. It has a feature that allows the user to report abusive and aggressive language. Bumble also gives women the chance to manage their dating lives by being able to decide the people they want to date. Bumble has more than 18 million users who appreciate the app because of protection measures put in place. It creates a safe environment for the users, and this is why the app is becoming popular and fruitful.

A new space located in New York is yet to open concerning Bumble. The area will be called The Hive which will provide a conducive environment for dates to meet and enjoy the moment. The step is beyond any other dating app’s ideas. Whitney means to bring dating to whole other level which might even lead to serious and amazing relationships.

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