Many people see the country of New Zealand as somewhere that they can go to get the tax breaks that they desire in a country that is both beautiful and has a lot to offer the people that live there. The misconception is not about how great the country is but is about the taxes that are in the country.

The people who move to New Zealand are able to move because they have the money to be able to do so. They have a lot of money and do not want that money to be taxed because it means that they will miss out on the money that they have. They move to New Zealand with hopes that they will not have to pay taxes and that they will be able to get a tax break just because of the country that they live in. There are many different ways that New Zealand handles taxes, but completely eliminating them is not one of those ways.

There are, however, countries that do not have taxes for the people who are in those areas. The countries have very low taxes or do not have any taxes at all. This means that they are not able to get the money that they need from citizens and this can often pose a problem. There is a list that is published each year of countries that do not have taxes. These are referred to as the tax havens and the list changes from year to year depending on the laws of each of the countries in that year.

The global attorney, Geoff Cone, has worked hard to make that list a possibility. He is both a contributor to the list and someone who has benefited from the list because he now lives in a tax haven. Coming from New Zealand, where he thought that the taxes were rather low, he learned that things could get better for the countries that he could move to. He wants to make sure that everyone who has a lot of money is able to benefit from the list of countries that are tax-free or that do not require their citizens to pay outrageous taxes.

As an attorney, it is Geoff Cone’s job to help people out. Families who are moving to different areas around the world pay him to make sure that they are getting the best situation possible for the money that they are spending. This means that they will be able to get exactly what they want from the price that they are paying for a home and that they will be able to get the biggest tax breaks possible for the way that things work in the country.

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Video Visitation App

 Securus Technologies is dedicated to improving inmate communication experience through regular improvements on their inmate communications systems. Recently, Securus transformed Video visitation to enhance the experience of prisoners and make them feel at home by enabling them to view various events and parties held by their relatives.


In the new video visitation technology, inmates can follow up various family events like a wedding party, a commemoration or even watch a relative performing in a music concert. The technology leaves an inmate with an experience they haven’t witnessed while in incarceration.


The video visitation service can be accessed through computers and mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Depending on the correctional facility, relatives can schedule a video visitation from the comfort of their home thus saving transport budget.


Since its establishment in 1986, Securus Technologies has grown to the biggest civil and criminal service provider in the United Sates. Some of its technological solutions include biometric analysis, inmate self-service and information and communication technologies.


Their products are designed using state of the art technology that complies with all privacy and safety measures required in the criminal and justice industry. The technologies enhance public safety, help in reducing recidivism and contribute to improving the security of jail officers.


To date, Securus Technologies has launched an estimated 800 applications related to inmates communication. In 2015, Securus Technologies appointed John Bell, a sales expert set to bring to the company many years’ operational experience and innovative approaches to their sales.


John Bell has served as sales expert in top companies like IBM, NTT Verio, and Verizon. His appointment came after Securus Technology had launched a strategic plan detailing its roadmap towards expanding its network to include more correctional facilities and agencies in the civil and criminal justice industry.


For more than 30 years, Securus Technologies has been providing technical solutions to more than 3450 criminal justice facilities with more than a million legal detainees benefitting from the company’s services. This makes the company not only a leader in the industry but also a critical player in the rehabilitation process of inmates and a source of critical information that helps with criminal investigations.


Due to their extended period in the industry, Securus Technologies boasts of a professional team that is positioned to design any application that suits the changing needs in correctional facilities. Securus Technologies offers its services to jail facilities in US. It is headquartered in Texas with other offices based in Allen, Atlanta, and Georgia.

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Adam Goldenberg is certainly one of the first people that will come to most experts minds when they are asked who the most successful young CEO in Los Angles is right now. Many people don’t consider him to be that young because he has been around on the scene for so long. Goldenberg got his start before he was even 18, though. Ever since his initial success, he has produced a long track record of successful businesses that featured him at the helm. Adam Goldenberg credits this to his ability to use numbers and statistics and his hiring practices.

Track Record

The Gamer’s Alliance was Goldenberg’s first successful venture as a business owner. It was a gaming network that was extremely popular in the mid-1990s. Adam was the president and creator of the company at just the age of 16. He later sold the company to Intermix media, which was a division of Myspace. He worked for that company until 2006 when he founded Intelligent Beauty with a partner.

Intelligent Beauty was what is known as an internet brand incubator. The company was responsible for helping other companies raise funding while developing their brand and their imaging as a start up on The incubator was hugely successful right off the jump as they raised over $50 million in capital funding in just their first year of existence.

Goldenberg has a long history of recognizing where there unused areas in the market. Goldenberg noticed in the early 2010’s that subscription-based services were becoming a huge hit. They were working for all kinds of media and food companies. Goldenberg noticed that there was a void in this marketplace when it came to fashion.

This is what led to him creating JustFab, a subscription-based retail clothing a company. Customers can pay a monthly fee to have access to the catalog and all of the different fashions and styles that it offers at a steep discount. The most popular clothing brand that operates under the JustFab umbrella is Fabletics. Fabletics is a women’s athletic wear company that is owned by Hollywood actress, Kate Hudson.

The Goldenberg-led fashion company has seen immediate success since in inception in 2012. Fabletics is now looking to move from being almost solely based in e-commerce to a more balanced sales attack. The company’s goal is to open about 100 new retail storefronts in the next 5 years across the United States.

Cosmetics Industry

Doe Deere, popularly known as Queen of Unicorns is the founder of the controversial cosmetic company known as Lime Crime. She started the company from scratch, and she worked hard to make the brand successful. She is a role model to many young people who want to make it in life. Recently, the queen of cosmetics was invited to an interview to tell the world how she started her career. Read more:

Doe Deere was born and raised in Russia. When she was seventeen years, she relocated to the United States. Since childhood, the Queen of Unicorns has been ambitious and imaginative. When she was a young girl, her dream was to become a musician. When she settled in New York City, she became a musician.

As a musician in New York, the Lime Crime founder learned several things. She learned how to appreciate people especially when they attended her events.

While working as a musician in New York, the beauty queen met her husband. They performed in a band together, and that’s how they started their relationship. They were both good in writing songs and promoting their music, and they worked together perfectly.

Doe Deere advises young women to work hard and follow their dreams. According to her, every individual has something special. Some have unique skills while other have some quality that is not found anywhere else. When people realize the skills and qualities they have, they tend to blossom and reach their potential.

The beauty queen advises young people to venture and explore the industries they love. In order to make the right decision, the young people must be in touch with themselves and know what they truly need. When growing up, Deere realized that she was different from other people in her thinking, but she chose follow her dreams. Her company, Lime Crime was born from her dreams and ambitions.

In the past, she was mostly gravitated to the unusual and bright colors. However, these colors were not easy to find in the market because everyone was still into the natural look. She always preferred the bright colors, but she couldn’t find them anywhere in her beauty shops. This is what led her to start Lime Crime.

Lime Crime has done very well in the competitive cosmetic industry. Most of the colors women could not find in the market are now available, thanks to this brand. The cosmetics from the company are also very unique, and they are sold everywhere in the market. Doe is very talented in make-up issues. She can play around with different shades of colors and shades.

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Fashion News

Since 2013, Kate Hudson and Fabletics have changed athleisure wear for women. Offering matched outfits for great prices, Fabletics has changed the way women locate and purchase their athletic wear, as well as, their comfy outfits for lounging around at home. Here’s a look at upcoming changes to the Fabletics line, as told to Marie Claire Magazine.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable date-night dresses, because Marie Claire has developed a line of athleisure wear dresses that are perfect for a day out running errands all the way to a date night with your special someone. Even better, several of the dress options are complete with a built-in bra. Not only will you look fabulous, but you’ll feel fabulous in the comfortable material that is easy to move and dance the night away while wearing. The best part of these dresses is that they are constructed with high-performance materials like the rest of the Fabletic line, meaning that with these dresses, you can say goodbye to Spanx and other restricting undergarments.

Also new to the Fabletics line is swimwear designed to stay put and support you while being active. Gone are the days of being afraid to play beach volleyball or do yoga in the sand. The new swimwear line of Fabletics allows you to look sexy on the beach but still be active and fit without anything slipping or falling out of place. Fabletics wants you to be as healthy and active as you want to be, without worrying about your clothing!

Kate Hudson’s picks have changed athleisure wear for women with their designs, low cost, and a variety of choices. When you sign up for Fabletics, you first take a quiz to develop a profile based on activities, needs, and clothing sizes. Each month you can view your chosen outfits, or browse any of the styles that you like. Don’t need anything this month? No problem! You are able to choose an outfit or skip, so there is no commitment to buy a new outfit every month. There’s also no confusion of what pieces complement each other, because the outfits are already created for you. Fabletics continues to provide women with the clothing they need in order to inspire fitness and healthy choices in their lives. Source:

Fashion News

In a world where everything is so hustle and bustle, exercise can often be placed on the back burner of our daily lives. For some women, work, children, and other daily priorities take precedence over the time that they may be able to set aside to go to the gym. However, once a workout routine is put into place, it doesn’t take very long to get into the mind frame that working out can be something that is beneficial in the long run. Establishing a daily routine that involves both working out and eating healthy is something that can really do wonders for a person both mentally and physically.

Feeling comfortable while working out is an important aspect for many women. Created in 2013, actress Kate Hudson’s new athletic line, Fabletics, was designed to do just that. Its unique and innovative design concept helps to keep work out gear affordable, while at the same time making clothing adaptable and versatile to all active lifestyles. Krazy Coupon Lady’s athletic wear allows for a woman to hit the ground or the gym hard with clothing that is suitable for heavier workouts or clothes that are more in line for those women who are performing lighter and less strenuous day to day activities. Whatever it may be, this clothing option has a little something for everyone. Additionally, Fabletics makes it easy to shop their online store. Consumers are able to shop as they would a regular online site, and make a single purchase or they are able to sign up as a VIP customer and earn benefits as a returning customer. As a VIP customer, they may earn up to 50% of regular price items and are offered ‘skip the month’ benefits if they do not feel like shopping on any given month.

Elle magazine discusses how Adweek can be a hurdle to make a change in a lifestyle routine. However, Hudson wants people to feel inspired and motivated, and have the drive to make a change. In addition to a new line of clothing, this health conscious actress is hoping to inspire individuals through Fabletics website. Here you will find workout videos and recipes to aide in living a better and healthier lifestyle.

Working out is no easy task, but for Kate Hudson, she seems confident that a healthier lifestyle is one of the best routes to take. Source:

Finance News

The world of fiscal management is one that calls on participants to use their talents and use them well. Those who enter this field must be prepared to demonstrate many varied talents and skills. This is one of many reasons why the late Stephen P. Murray was so successful at his job.

Stephen Murray had many important talents and skills that allowed him to work closely with his colleagues, help people in the field of banking meet the needs of their clients well and ultimately resulted in the creation of company today that is still thriving and vibrant in the contemporary world.

His Educational Background

Education was very important to Stephen Murray. He valued the ability of education to provide a necessary foundation so that people could properly enter the workforce with the skills they need to do well. He grew up in the suburbs of New York City and then attended college in Boston and New York. His undergraduate degree was from Boston University.

He earned a degree in business from Columbia University. This background helped him gain a thorough understanding of all aspects of business, an education he would put to good use once he completed his education at both institutions.

An Early Start

After completing his education, Murray began his career in banking. He was chosen for a program that helps provide people with training to understand various aspects of the financial industry. It was here that Stephen Murray CCMP Capital found his home.

He quickly realized that he could put his talents to use in the banking industry. During his time here, he was given the opportunity to learn about all aspects of fiscal management under the guidance of a mentor helped him learn.

When his original employer underwent a merger with another bank, he was began to realize he could further his career.  Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

His Later Career

After his tenure as a Vice President, he was appointed to be in charge of one of the most important areas in his institution.

His work here was one that had dividends for many people that he worked with. His untimely passing leaves him much mourned by all those who knew him personally and had the opportunity to work with him.


Originally published on Bustle, fashion and beauty blogger, Emily McClure, goes through a week of using a cleansing conditioner. For this hair experiment, she decides to use the brand WEN by Chaz in Mandarin Italian fig. This sephora advertised cleansing conditioner promises to repair and prevent further damage to hair. McClure has fine, thin hair and is excited to try a new product on her hair to get glorious luscious locks.
The beginning of the week went smoothly. The fashion blogger found that although her hair had more bounce and shine, she had to use a lot of product; much more than she used with her regular shampoo.

By the end of the week, McClure noted that her hair definitely had more shine to it, however, it would get oily very fast. In order to look her best, she had to change her routine to showering in the morning. She, of course, found this to be a hassle. If you’re like any other girl, the temptation to sleep in till the last minute and then rush to get ready is all too familiar.

Wen by Chaz is a popular hair product line that uses the most natural ingredients. They, of course, have cleansing conditioners as well as hair treatment products and even a texturizing treatment spray. Each product is designed to keep your hair looking its best by giving you nourishment and protection. You will not only fall in love with the effects Wen by Chaz has on your hair, but will also fall in love with their signature meditating scents. Wen is available on Guthy-Renker and other websites as well.

Official website:

Philanthropic Works

The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts has a number of renovations and additions in the works, thanks to an amazing fundraising campaign. The Center decided that based on the success of reaching their initial goal of $125 million so easily, they would increase their target by another $50 million. This increase would cover the additional costs added to their original plan that has undergone a number of changes since the fundraiser started in 2013. The targeted completion date for the expansion is in late 2018.

Donations have come in from many corporations and individuals who are dedicated to the arts community. One of the larger donations was from the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. This charitable organization is run by married couple Dick and Betsy DeVos. Dick DeVos has been involved in philanthropic causes for many years. A Michigan-born entrepreneur and businessman, DeVos has a fortune of just over $5 billion and is considered one of the wealthiest people in the United States. Politically active, DeVos has fought for the Right to Work cause as well as a new law that would enable children to use school vouchers in Michigan.

DeVos’ philanthropy includes donating to organizations who support free-market ideals and are looking for methods to prevent and control pollution. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation was established in 1990 and has been actively involved in a number of projects around Michigan. They provide scholarships to local students and began the first-ever aviation training charter school. The charity is also heavily involved in arts programs both in Michigan and around the country. This love of the arts was the reason for their substantial donation to the Kennedy Center fundraiser.

Activism, Human Rights

In college, Halvorssen warmed up for his life’s work by organizing boycots against investments in South Africa when apartheid was still part of that country’s constitution.

However, before he graduated, he worked on the case of a political prisoner a lot closer to him, his own father.

Despite his wealth and highly placed job in the government, Halvorssen’s father made enemies when he exposed corrupt government officials taking money from drug lords, and wound up tortured in prison.

According to an article in The Weekly Standard, Halvorssen didn’t realize it until he read his father’s obituary, but his father worked actively for human rights causes in Latin America, for the rights of Miskito Indians in Nicaragua and documenting violations committed by Marxist guerillas.

In college he edited a conservative paper, running such articles as one on White Women Against Racism excluding a black woman from their meetings.

After graduating from college, Halvorssen co-founded the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. For years it worked against the political correctness limited freedom of speech on American college campuses.

However, in 2004 his family once again had a close encounter with the government of Venezuela, by then headed by President Hugo Chavez.

According to this article from Huffington Post, Halvorssen’s mother, a descendant of both the South American freedom fighter Simon Bolivar and Venezuela’s first president, went to an anti-Chavez rally she expected would be peaceful. They were asking former President Jimmy Carter not to certify Chavez’s election. Over a hundred Chavez supporters attacked, firing into the rally. Halvorssen’s mother survived her gunshot wound, but still suffers chronic pain from it. (And Jimmy Carter did certify the election.)

Thor Halvorssen decided he’d rather defend the Venezuelan reporters risking their lives than student cartoonists attacked by the P.C. police, and founded HRF.

Hugo Chavez is dead, but his government survives. The current president, Maduro, still holds Halvorssen’s cousin, Leopoldo Lopez, prisoner. Both Bill Clinton and Amnesty International (after heavy pressure from Halvorssen’s family) support his release.

Some people on the left view Halvorssen as a right winger because he attacks left wing dictatorships such as Venezuela, North Korea and Cuba. However, he also attacks dictatorships of the right. Not long ago, he surprised Fox News by saying he could vote for Bernie Sanders for president, but not Hillary Clinton, because she supports dictatorships, but Sanders doesn’t.

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