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Ricardo Tosto; Brazil’s most prominent lawyer

Brazil’s legal practice is based on statutes. Today, Brazil boasts of its many codified statutes. The current Federal Constitution in Brazil was created in 1988. It’s the supreme law of the country and has been amended many times. Other legal documents include civil code, commercial code, and national tributary code. Brazil is a litigious country with rigid and sophisticated legal environmental. As such, you need a highly skilled and experienced lawyer to file your lawsuit in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto together with his partner, Paulo Guilherme de Mendonca, Lopes, and Tiago Mackey would sometimes go against the public civic action.

The Milk, Tosto, and Barros were announced the winner of International Law Office (ILO) Client Choice in 2013. The award goes to the most outstanding law firms in Brazil. It helps lawyers to improve their ability to add real value to their client’s businesses.

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho ranks among the most influential lawyers in the Brazilian legal practice. In fact, Ricardo Tosto won several high-profile cases that earned him national recognition. He has over 26 years of experience as a partner of the Milk, Tosto and Barros Advocates Associates. Ricardo holds a degree in Business Administration from Armano Alvares Penteado Foundation. Besides, he has a Bachelor of Law at Mackenzie Presbyterian University. Ricardo Carvalho represented large corporations in Brazil, multinational groups as well as pro bono for non-governmental organizations. While Ricardo Tosto has experienced high stress and tension in defense of his clients, he still maintains a place of honor for the litigation of his office.

Ricardo Carvalho initiated the creation of economic laws in Brazil and pioneered the adoption of several legal mechanisms that were transformed into tools of everyday use. He would train the associates of Milk, Tosto, and Barros once they join the firm. Ricardo currently oversees the company’s operations and formulates legal strategies. For more info: click here.

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