Talk Fusion Starts Free 30 Day Video Marketing Trials

Video marketing company Talk Fusion has released its highly anticipated free video marketing trial on April 12, 2016. The free trail will last for thirty days and give businesses, charities and entrepreneurs the ability to try out Talk Fusion’s services. To sign up for the free trial, no credit card, personal info or addresses are needed. All a person needs to have is an email address and a name.

The firm has spent more than a year in planning its free trial and is a result of many hours of work within the company. Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion Bob Reina, says that the best way for people to see the potential of video marketing and how it can boost their business is by letting people experience it firsthand. “Once they try our product out and see what it can do for their business or organization, we are sure that they will love it and end up ultimately buying our service” says Reina. Products featured in the free trial include video email, video chat, video newsletters, live meetings and sign up forms.

The Man Who Started Talk Fusion, Bob Reina

Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007 when he teamed up with friend and information technology expert Jonathan Chen. The inspiration for creating Talk Fusion came when Bob was looking to purchase a home in North Carolina. Wanting the input of his family, Bob Reina tried to send an email with a video to his family back home in Florida. He was told that it was not possible by AOL.

Not dismayed by this setback, Bob set out to find a way to include videos in email and with the help of Dr. Reina has since expanded to include video chat and live meetings as part of the products offered by his firm. Bob’s firm currently does business in hundreds of countries and is constantly updating it services to continue to provide a superior video marketing tool for its customers.


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