The frontera fund and its fight for human rights.

The coming together of Micheal Lacey and Jim Larkin was that of professional journalist they worked with the fundamental belief that they would make the country a better place through there action and through the work that they would take up through there media homes known as the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media.This was there the first instance of the long journey towards the fight for human right and the first amendment rights.

They were living in Arizona which being a border state is one of the states with a substantial number of Hispanic immigrants who are either legal or otherwise and it is this case that has seen the community a vulnerable one especially when they are targeted by law enforcement.

The beginning of there encounters with the county sheriff of Maricopa County Joe Arpaio was through there reporting.There had established that the sheriff had become a person who consistently targeted and racially profiled members of this community.

Begin a Hispanic for one reason seemed to be a crime in his county and it seemed to be a law he not only believed in but worked hard to implement.His reach as a law enforcement officer with a leadership position ensured that could make a lot of arbitrary arrests and enforce his policies at will until a court of law would step in to stop him.

The duo of Michael and Jim made these violations a target of there reporting and soon enough his actions were being noticed far and wide and as a consequence, he was receiving a lot of backlash for the same.

This was a reason of why he targeted the two and in the middle of an October night in 2007 he arrested them bundling them in unmarked SUVs before driving them into separate jails.

He proceeded to place charges that had no legal merit and this is what led to a massive public outcry that resulted in there release.This was the beginning of the long journey in the quest for justice for the two.

They sued the county and it took a few years before their case was heard and determined by the ninth circuit court of appeals which ruled that there had been gross violations on their first amendment rights and a such the county would have to settle the case.

The two were awarded a 3.75 million settlement which was all dedicated as the seed money for the beginning of the Frontera fund.

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