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WEN and the 7 Day Test with Fine Hair

The struggle is real if you have fine hair. People with fine hair; faces the challenges of maintaining healthy hair and keeping a desired style longer than a few hours. WEN is well known as it states so many wonderful things on what it can do for people with all hair textures. But, how do we really know it can do all that without trying it ourselves. A brave soul decided to take a leap of faith and try WEN herself. The commercials are appealing, the products are appealing, but to know for sure, this young lady decided to buy on eBay a round of WEN and give it a go. Bustle featured her detailed review of WEN.

The first thing she noticed was the amount of product Wen hair suggested she use. It was 16 pumps and to her that was far more than her usual brand of shampoo. Weight of products is the biggest challenge people with fine hair face and that had her concerned. Instantly, as she begins the cleansing process she felt a difference. After she dried and styled her hair she noticed how lively and bouncy it felt. She used her heat protect products and other styling products in conjunction with WEN and wondered how they would mesh up. By the end of the day, while she had lost some volume, she noticed just how clean and shiny her hair still looked. By the end of the week, she found that with daily maintenance with WEN, that it works great for fine textured hair people.

WEN is a Sephora popular 5 in 1 product that won’t strip your hair of the natural oils it needs. WEN strengthens the hair as well as moisturizers it. It doesn’t lather up like other shampoos do but it cleanses the hair better than other products. It was created by Chaz Dean, an upscale salon owner that wanted to create a healthy hair product line.

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